Thursday, January 19, 2012

Truth is Thursday. . .

Truth is. . .I have been craving a BLT and tater tots.  Let's just say. . .they were delicious.

For Tony - so he knows what a tater tot is. :)

Truth is. . .I have been trying to find things to keep myself occupied from bed, so I took over the household finances.  Pooldad is thrilled and we have managed to put $450 in savings since January 1st. Nice way to start the new year.

Truth is. . .I have a heart specialist appointment tomorrow.  I am not looking forward to that, especially when they do my blood counts. BAH!

Truth is. . .at least we have "Movie Night" to look forward to. . .any suggestions for a DVD we can rent? And what would be good for dinner? Thanks!

Truth is. . .we signed Wallene up for Marching Band Camp this summer.  The funniest part?  It is a week long, sleepover camp that is being held at ::drumroll:: her sister's university!  AND her lodging is in her sister's current dorm. Coincidence?  I don't know. . .[Squirrel won't be there, but still. . .]

Truth is. . .if you no longer have the suffix "-teen" [i.e. sixteen, seventeen. . .] attached to your age you shouldn't be referring to your parents as "the 'rents".  Just saying.

Truth is. . .I have sat upright long enough. Time to lay back down Tadpoles.  Hope y'all have a good weekend.

See ya' on the flipside!


Teresa said...

yay for those BLTs and tots! I'd rather have the tots (odd, eh?) than the BLT but they do sound good together. Gotta have ketchup for the tots, though. yum!

so cool that wallene is going to the marching band camp at squirrel's school. too bad she won't be there.

woot! woot! on the savings. that's quite a savings! way to go!

get some rest and good luc with the specialist. tomorrow. keep us posted.

Tony Van Helsing said...

I've no idea what a tater tot is but I'd recommend In Bruges for movie night with Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes. Mind you, there is a lot of swearing in it but is is good.

Greenmare said...

Second Hand Lions, Grumpy Old Men (1 &2) Anything with Cary Grant!! Houseboat, North by Northwest, Arsenic and Old Lace..........
Pasta with sundried tomoatoes and mushrooms and don't forget the popcorn.

Juli said...

$450 is awesome!

And any college experience is all good. :)

AND... how could someone go their whole life and never have a tater tot? Sometimes I eat them all by themselves... with little dipping sauces. :)

Yum Yucky said...

If I ever, ever am passing through, I'm coming to your house to visit and give you great big hugs. Even if I have to stalk you from the bushes and throw the hugs at you instead. Just sayin'.

Crystal Pistol said...

Have you ever tried tatertot casserole? My husband makes it on Sundays sometimes. It is horrible for your health and waistline but delicious and gooey for your soul! :)

You have a good weekend too. :)

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Skippy! How great that you have been able to set aside that money, especially at the start of the year, after all the expense of Christmas. Woop Woop!! (calls for a Skippy happy dance me thinks!!). Shame that Squirrel won't be there when Wallene pays a visit with her marching band. Enjoy your movie night my friend - such a good idea! Do hope that you got on already at the Doctors and that your blood counts were okay! Take care, and sending big hugs from me to you.

Celia said...

Yummy tator tots!!

I just saw Our Idiot Brother. It was a pretty funny movie. I also saw Apollo 18 and that was pretty dumb.

Jeannie said...

Budgeting in bed doesn't sound relaxing but if you manage to save $450 - you sure are good at it!

Band camp at her sister's place huh? At least you'll be comfortable knowing where she is right?

Hope the specialist has some good news for you today.

Tracy said...

Good luck at the specialist.

I'm terrible at movie recommendations. I only watched The Help over Christmas because I was in the living room while Whitney was watching. It was good. I tend to stop and watch the same movies when they are on tv because I know them so not a new movie person.

Biz said...

Okay, now I want tater tots! My daughter makes the best potato tater tot casserole - its a bit indulgent so we only have it at Thanksgiving, but oh so good!

Thank you for your continued support Skippy - its meant more to me than you will know especially since you "get it." Extra hugs! And good luck at the doctor.

Also, have you tried You can see where all your money goes. I gave the link to a co-worker and she came back the next day shocked that she and her husband had spent 1100 dollars eating out in 30 days. She was like "but we only eat out like 4 times a week!"


Rebecca said...

dang it now i want tater tota and a BLT for dinner.

Yay for saving so much money you go girl

Anonymous said...

Hi SKippy, That looks tasty - tater. Enjoy your movie night :) Have a lovely weekend! Big hugs x

Tony Van Helsing said...

Thanks Skippy, we call them croquettes over here.