Saturday, January 7, 2012

Previously. . .

In my previous post I could not figure out an abbreviation I had written on my calendar.  After staring at it all day I figured out I can't read my own handwriting. ::headdesk::


Instead of "organize ppnk" as I originally thought, it actually says "organize ppwk" which stands for PAPERWORK".  Which makes total sense.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I promise to have another game where someone can win $5 CAN. :)

And before I get asked about the weird entries on my calendar let me just say that I plan my days this way to give me something to look forward to do each day, otherwise I would spend all day in bed with nothing to occupy my time. I need a daily goal beyond "make breakfast & lunch.  It's the simple things Tadpoles. heehee - Oh and I just noticed there is no date night on the 21st because my "date" has his annual business trip.

Here is what we did for "movie night" last night:

The girls rearranged the family room to make it movie theater style seating.  It was almost like the "Three Bears" -
 The girls sat on the loveseat.
 Momma's chair on the left/Dad's on the right.
And everyone had a great view of the screen.

We ate [carryout] fried chicken with the fixins' for dinner [in our chairs! woohoo! <----that's us living dangerously.  The dogs were happy.] 

We watched "Grease" [family favorite] and "The Help" [$1.25 rental].  If you have not seen "The Help" please do - and bring along a lot of tissues. We were all crying.  Even happy go lucky Wallene was tearing up.  She said "This movie is so great, it's terrible!"  It really is an amazing movie.  It is worth movie ticket prices it is that good.  

Of course we had buckets of popcorn with our favorite candy during the movies.  It really was just like going out, but for a fraction of the cost. YAY!  Tho' I was ready for bed at midnight. :)

We are having Squirrel's pick for dinner tonight - smoked chicken and turkey with beans, coleslaw and butt rolls. heehee - It is the shape of the rolls that gave them their "unique" name. And we are having cupcakes for dessert.  I know I will be ready for bed a whole lot earlier tonight. Tomorrow is big trip day.

Hope y'all have a nice rest of the weekend.  See ya' on the flipside.


Jeannie said...

You are such a familyish family! Good for you!

We don't schedule movie nights as such - they pop up whenever. So we don't have popcorn and candy either but Gary buys enough junk all the time to make that no problem at all.

My son has a huge projection screen in his basement - and lots of seating for the theatre experience. We're happy to watch in our room - a special night is when we head down to the rec room - woohoo!

Midnight would be pretty late for me too.

As for your paperwork - I wondered if you had maybe mispelled/misread something but thought - naw - Skippy's handwriting is the neatest I've ever seen! so I said nothing. But when I saw the calendar - I saw right away that it was a w and not an n - although I could see the n too - and you must not have had your coffee when you read it this morning. oops.
I hate it when I can't read my writing - happens all the time - but I'm messy.

Juli said...

I love your calender. And I totally could have deciphered it for you, had I not been all busy with this stupid work stuff. :)

When the kids were little we had a DVD projector. I'd set it up outside in the summer on the garage and they'd watch in the driveway like a drive in movie theatre. Nothing better. :)

Rudee said...

The Help is worth owning. It's that good. I really enjoyed it both at the theater and again at home.

Unknown said...

I have to say, you sure have Pooldad getting his "gift's worth" outta that smoker! WTG Girl!

Crystal Pistol said...

I love your wood flooring. :) And the chairs and couch look so cozy for movie watching.

We watched The Help this holiday season as a fam. it made me cry too. my dad is from S. Carolina and he was telling us how very accurate the movie was. He had a black woman that he says "raised" him while my granny worked outside the home. Amazing that our American society was so obtuse in those days.

Southhamsdarling said...

paperwork!! DOH!! And there was us all trying to guess what ppnk meant!! Oh well, it kept us all occupied for a little while. Hee Hee! Love your movie night - brilliant idea. Your family is so - FAMILY, and I love it!! As you say, it's the little things that really matter. I know you will be sad taking Squirrel back :( I hope the journey doesn't take it out of you too much! I think (as I said before) that it is such a good idea to put something on the calendar for each day, especially in your case, and good on you for doing it. Big hugs to you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Paperwork - who would have guessed?! I'm glad you had it figured out though. The family room looks great, so nice and cosy. It's nice to have movie nights. Enjoy your sunday my friend! Big Hugs


Jane said...

Sounds like your family enjoyed movie night ! And I really like your idea of writting chores and different things on your calendar,in fact I think I'm going to give it a try myself. I am following your blog you are welcome to follow mine as well . Blessings Jane

Sally said...

Glad you figured out your mystery! Movie night sounds like lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for family movie night! Love it - and eating in the living room - we do it every night sadly - I only use my dining table when company comes over. :(

Hope your travel day went well today! Hugs!

qandlequeen said...

Congrats on figuring it out! Can't wait to watch The Help!

Teresa said...

sounds like a wonderful movie time! dinner sounds delish. hope your trip today was uneventful.

Yum Yucky said...

Ahhh. so I gotta see The Help, huh? I wasn't sure I wanted to watch it at first, but since all the smart & cool people seem to have seen it already... I gotta watch it.

Celia said...

Very cool setup! I haven't seen the Help yet, but I've heard it's a tear jerker.