Monday, April 11, 2011

What Do The Colors Turquoise And Orange Have In Common?

They don't belong on the following:

My new vacuum cleaner:
Since when are vacuum cleaners turquoise?
And an elephant:
A gift from my husband today
The beauty of having a husband who is color blind [and very thoughtful] is that your color wheel takes on a whole new meaning after you say your vows.  In fact, I think, this particular hiccup should have been included in our vows.  If for no other reason then to avoid the following conversation:

Phone rings:

Skippy:  "Hello?"
Pooldad's coworker:  "Hey Skip, it's Linda. How's it going?"
Skippy:  "Great. What's up?"
Linda:  "Uh.  We're taking bets at the office today.  And, um...we were just wondering."
Skippy:  "Yes....?."
Linda:  "You weren't awake when your husband left for work this morning, were you?"
Skippy:  "No, I wasn', how did you know?"
Linda:  "Well, do you know what Pooldad is wearing today?"
Skippy:  ::headdesk:: "No, now what?"
Linda:  "Khaki shorts with thin blue strips and a purple work shirt with a green logo. Oh, and gray socks."


Skippy:  ::sigh::  "Uh...y'all.have fun with that. Oh...and you are welcome."
Linda: ::laughing::  "For what?"
Skippy:  "Twelve hours of visual stimulation and entertainment."
Linda: "Skippy?"
Skippy:  "Yeah?"
Linda:  "For godsake's woman set your alarm tomorrow."

*Pooldad thought both the vacuum and the elephant were grayish in color.


not displayed said...

My vacuum is purple and green. And I think the one before was red.
Pool dad has his own unique style and I think the elephant is super cute

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Skippy! I think I've seen vacuum cleaners in all sorts of colours. Love that little elephant - so cute, and how sweet of Pooldad. See, you've got a little gem there. Never mind his fashion mistakes!!! Hee Hee! At least it gave his co=workers something to smile about!

Rebecca said...

my vacuum is an ugle gray

Phelan said...

lol! Poor pooldad. But if it makes him feel any better, I dress like that on purpose. And so he doesn't feel left out, today I will dress to match rental bowling shoes (one of my favorite color schemes)

RVVagabond said...

When I once again live in a sticks and bricks, I am going to have a metallic RED washer and dryer. And a turquoise vacuum cleaner.

I probably won't have an elephant though.

word vert: humshann. More power to Pooldad for having the humshann (say it fast with emphasis on hum) to wear that particular outfit.

ellen abbott said...

well, I was going to say that they were both my mother's favorite colors but I'm stretching it a bit as her actual favorite colors were lime green and orange...together.

funny story.

Lisa said...

THAT kind of entertainment is very endearing...HAHHAHHA HEE HEE GIGGLE GIGGLE!

Unknown said...

I do feel sorry for him. He can't help it if he is color blind.

Rudee said...

Ah yes, the color blind are highly entertaining. My dad could not perceive red and green. If my mom was not around, his attire could be outrageous.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

My brother was color blind...he was very entertaining at times with his color choices but he never meant to be entertaining. As to the color of vaccum and elephant, well this is not horseshoes so........close but no cigar. TOB

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I always lay out He Who's clothes. Not only does he put wrong colors together, he will put a long sleeved shirt on with what my grandson, Gavin, calls short sleeved pants.

Unknown said...
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life in the mom lane said...

I have a vacuum that is turquoise AND purple ;)

BB said...

This one is just too hysterical for words. Poor Pooldad.

that guy said...

you rock my world!

this was just a perfect example of the weird stuff that happens when guys grow outta granimals!

Cathy said...

My boyfriend (whom I live with) is also colorblind. Oh boy can I relate, especially to the clothes...

Anonymous said...

Apparently my grandpa was colorblind to blue and green but he learned to tell the difference somehow because they would be different shades of grey. LOL