Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gifts in the Mail

Surprises in my mailbox! Two very nice friends sent some love our way this week.

And there is a whole lot of talent out there in the pond Tadpoles let me tell ya'.

First, these were sent by the most gifted Greenmare.

Apple Cozies

AND a reusable/washable sandwich bag
So AWESOME!  I love the Apple Cozies [that's what I am calling them Mare :D] because you know how the kids throw their lunch bags around.  No bruises! And look at that brilliant sandwich bag.  It has a velcro closure and inside is a protective, plastic liner. GENIUS! I am so excited by this idea.

Thank you Mare - it was so generous of you to send along such wonderful gifts for us.

Also in the mail this week was an Easter card made especially for our youngest by Teresa.

Look at the lovely - and yes, you are allowed to be jealous!  It's FANTASTIC - the mechanics are super cool too!

It arrived flat, but you twist it to make it 3-D. Totes Awesome. I am telling you.  Tee also sent along another card for the Squirrel but shhh! it is a secret until I mail it off, but it is really neat too!

Thank you again and again and again my friends.

I have big smiles on my face today Tads. Hope you do too!


BB said...

That is a clever idea for the fruit and the lunch bag. Nice gift for a nice lady!!

Love the card too.

Will chat soon!! Hugs.

that guy said...

love it apple cozies! nice!

that is applesolutly awesomes!

Teresa said...

too cool (the apple things and sandwich baggie). of course, i thought the card(s) pretty cool, too. lol

glad they arrived safely and were a hit. can't wait until squirrel gets hers. i think she'll be tickled. give wallene a hug from me.

ellen abbott said...

folding cards and folding books are so cool! sometimes I wonder what it might have been like if I had chosen a different medium, like book making.

LBB said...

I just love those apple cozys! So cute!! & what a cool 3D card!!

Lyndylou said...

cute card and I have never heard of apple cozies! I always learn something new via your blog :)

not displayed said...

How cool are little jumpers for your apples.
You totally deserve every gift you receive my friend. Because you are special

Jennifer said...

That is so awesome!

I must admit, I'm totally jealous...but really, there's no one more deserving than you to receive such beautiful gifts. If I knew how to make that kind of stuff, I'd send you something too because you really are so sweet and special!

I hope you're still smiling and having a happy day! :D

Southhamsdarling said...

What a lovely surprise to receive those gorgeous things in the post! I've never heard of Apple-cozies either, but I guess it stops them bruising. Teresa did so well with the card. She is a talented lady, isn't she? Bless!

Anonymous said...

Love the apple cozies!! I am so far behind on my blog reading - just wanted to drop by and say a quick hello! :D

pooldad said...

Skippy always makes the best lunches. A simple P, B & J made by her hand tastes 1,000 times better than making it yourself.

christopher said...

I'm sitting here coveting your apple cosies. They are genius! :)

Anonymous said...

Apple cozies...That IS a brillant idea!