Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Is a Valentine's Day Give Away!!!

It's Give Away Time!
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and who doesn't like a true love story? Well, here you have it "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". And it is a true story which is what, I feel, makes it even better. If you have seen it you know and if you haven't you are going to want to. It is funny and romantic.
Along with a brand new DVD of the movie I am going to include all the fixings for a Happy Valentine's Day Movie night - popcorn and candy - perhaps some homemade cookies - y'know, stuff to nosh on while you watch the movie.
So let's get started and enter y'all in this give away!
The Rulez [which are a bit different this time]:
To receive an entry you may:
1. Leave a comment on this post saying you would like to enter. Double entry if you tell us your favorite romantic movie [and why] in your comment.
2. Blog about the give away on your blog. Please leave a link if we can't click through your name to get to your blog. [And if you aren't on my blogroll -see to the right? - please let me know you blogged about it]
3. Twitter about the give away. Please leave a link.
4. Refer a friend or a family member and if they comment they get an entry and you get one too [make sure they let me know who referred them]
5. Ooooh Linda in New Mexico just gave me a brilliant idea for one more entry. If you play the word vertification game you get an additional entry. Please see her comment [the first one] for how to play - it is pretty self explanatory and a lot of fun. Thanks Linda!
How's that? You can get up to six entries for an awesome give away! YAY!
I will be customizing the snacky goodness portion of this gift so if you have dietary restrictions [no nuts, no chocolate, low cal, no fat] I can do that and the winner can just let me know when they email their address. Okay? Easy peasy.
This giveaway will be open until Sunday, February 7th at 12 noon EST. I hope if the snow doesn't impede our way to the post office I can have it mailed out by Monday so you will have it time for Valentine's Day.
It is open to everyone - but if you are in Canada or overseas it may take a bit of time to get to you. I will do my best to only send allowable food if someone outside the US wins - please make sure I know :D


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Oh you are such a sweetie pie. I would love to be entered for your yummy giveaway.
I love Sleepless in Seattle. I love the way it all "works" out. I'm too easily amused I know, but I love the kids part in making the magic happen. Not that it matters but I love When Harry Met Sally, not a Billy Crystal fan but the big "O" scene is wonderful. Thanks kiddo.
vert word is fillinga...if I win this giveaway, you'll be fillinga box to send to me with yummies and funnies.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Skippy: How too much fun. Now you will infect even more poor innocents with the insanity game. Yea, you go vert word girl.
vert word: kintsmi.....and he said hintsmi you fool....

And the reason I get the good words is cuz I'm too sexy for my words .... ahhhhh no.

life in the mom lane said...

My favorite romantic comedy is While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock.
I loved this movie because it just shows how sometimes what(or who) you think you want is not what's really best for you.

And I have Big Fat Greek Wedding- so I don't need to be entered... :)

Rudee said...

Don't include me, because I have this movie. Love. It.

I love the movie, Moonstruck on just so many levels. I think it's sweet, funny, sad and romantic.

Phelan said...

1 I would like to enter

Mine would be Bringing Up Baby.

2 will do that in a bit

3 I don't have a twitter account

4 see 2

5 gesarta, I gesarta try better next time

Jules AF said...

Pick me!
My favorite romantic movie... Hmm......... Pride and Prejudice?!?

Yum Yucky said...

Good luck to the "contestants"! I already have this because my kid never turned it back into Blockbuster so they charged us for it. :P

...but popcorn does sound good.

Jonnie (JB) said...

I would like to enter. My favorite romantic movie is Pretty Woman

My word verification is pliess so
Pliess let me be the lucky winner!


Madonna said...

I have so many favorites but I guess my top two would be lake house and actually a big fat greek wedding. I loved that movie and actually watched the show when it was on tv as a comedy. I love movies where love conquers all.

owlfan said...

I've seen the movie, but not recently. I'd love to own it. My favorite romantic comedy (that I can think of at the moment) is Sleepless in Seattle. It was just too cute.

My word verification is maftsup. Maftsup with that?

Oh, and I found you from Phelan.

Unknown said...

1) I'd like to enter! My favorite romantic comedy is French Kiss.

2)Don't have a blog

3)Don't have a twitter

4)Phelan sent me!

5)Wheals: If I win, it'll be kind of like getting movie reels on wheals!

suezoos1 said...

My favorite is Dr. the chemistry between Julie Christie and Omar Sharif and the cinematography is magnificent. If I could only watch ONE movie for the rest of my days it would be this one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, count me in!
Vert word is better have that room clean 'cos antent is coming for dinner.

*snickers* that was fun. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you my fav romantic movie. Hmm. we do not have tv so I am not up on what movies are coming out. Guess the most recent romantic would be Moonstruck - watched it on Netflix recommended it.

vert word: comeli...Comeli - that's a good girl. *hands out treat*

purplegirl said...

Though the goodies sound delicious, don't count or my blog as an entry, because I already have the movie! :)

My word verification is one letter off from RED RUM!

Grumpy Housewife said...

My favorite romantic movie is Love Actually. It's so many good stories, all in one movie, with good endings, and bittersweet endings, and REAL endings, which makes it a touching story.

Vert word is sesse...I sesse to her, I can't believe I don't have a copy of My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding, I sesse.

katyisbananas at yahoo dot com, that's me...

AA said...

Found you from your comment on Chickens in the Road. I'm glad I did. I like your blog.

Pretty Woman is the romantic movie that comes to mind first, but then that makes me think of An Officer and A Gentleman, both good romances. I want to win MBFGW because it was the first movie my now husband and I saw together (we've both been married before- years ago) and we both liked it. I think I've only seen it that one time too. And treats are always good. I had a blog but I got lazy and quit. So this will have to be my only entry. I'll be back to read more now though.
Austranc a big bottle of wine and now Aus is drunk.

Jodi said...

I would like to enter.

Actually "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is movie my Husband and I saw on our first date!

I was sent here by Phelan

My verification word is thawnh. As in "I can't wait for some thawnh. I miss Spring."

Teresa said...

I know it's after Valentine's Day but I had to post and play. LOL - the word vert game is hysterical! Mine is misomi...I misomi some action here.

My favorite romantic movie... I love Sandra Bullock in anything so it would be a toss-up between The Lake House and While You Were Sleeping.