Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not a Downer Post I PROMISE...

...well kind of. Kidding.

I have a question. I know Rudee is a nurse and some of you have experience with your parents/grandparents/family concerning this, but I have to ask:

What constitutes a minor stroke? And how long does it take to recover from one? How long are you in the hospital for?

Also, what causes a stroke? Can it be smoking? [yes] Drinking excessively? Or obesity? I know that in some instances blood vessels in the brain can go haywire [I am so technical] and cause it, but this isn't the case here.

The reason I ask is because Pooldad's co-worker is in the hospital after fainting while walking her dog on Tuesday. It seems to have taken a day and a half to diagnose a stroke [does it really take that long?] and she will be out until Monday. [Can you get better from a mild stroke that fast?] She is absolutely A-Okay and will be fine.

Any advice, suggestions, answers will be happily accepted. I have never [thank goodness] experienced this within our family and the 'net is being vague with me, so I turn to you, my faithful tadpoles for your answers and experiences, if you care to share.

And I want to thank you all for cheering me up! I feel better today and will be back to my Skippyness soon. Promise. As soon as my tear ducts completely dry up from complete and utter overuse. [Which should occur around 2 pm today. HA!]


Marni said...

Is this Bee?

I don't have any experience with strokes... I'm curious to see what responses you get.

Sorry I couldn't help!

Christine said...

Wish I could help with this, but I don't know. Sorry :(

Gail said...

Do not have any idea, we are sure alot of help!

Rudee said...

Causes: cerebral vascular disease, high cholesterol, smoking while on birth control, uncontrolled high blood pressure to name a few.

Types of cerebral vascular accidents:
hemorrhagic-bleeding into the brain is found almost immediately on ct scan.
Occlusions--caused by tiny clots don't bleed and the damage often isn't evident on scan for up to 48 hours. They didn't miss this and it looks like they went back to look for it which is exactly right.

Sometimes these things heal (depends which area of the brain had the stroke as to how bad an aftermath there will be) on their own.

Hopefully, she'll be on the mend soon.