Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Think It is Time

Such a dreary, rainy, cold day.

I think it is time to make "Thanksgiving Dinner" tomorrow.

I do this every year - I make Thanksgiving in October because I usually can't wait for Thanksgiving in November.

So I am bumping it up to September.

If the stores can rush the holidays, then why can't I?

We need it.


Gail said...

Happy is never a wrong time to say thanks.

Amy said...

I do the same thing every year, usually around the middle of October. My family thinks I am crazy, but I think it's great. Enjoy.

Kate said...

Just pretend you're one of us Canuks!

christopher said...

I'm with Viva. Just pretend you are one of us. ;) Ours is in 2 weeks.

Yum Yucky said...

HA! That's sound like greedy fun. Now pass me the stuffin'.

SkippyMom said...

WOW! That was yummy. Sigh. Full belly.

And yes, I think I will make it again if I can be an honorary Canuk with Viva and Chris.

We really enjoyed it and said our thanks - and Yum I will pass it gladly, as long as you like oyster stuffin' - 'cause that is what we make and OMG - I will be eating this all night.

[And Amy - mine too, but they appreciate the crazy 'cause they love the food]

Off for pie. Hmmm...cherry or pumpkin.