Saturday, August 28, 2010

You Know Your Local Burger King is a Redneck When....

...there is a Civil War era cannon in the front yard.
Don't ask why I think this is funny.  I just do.
Wallene has been trying for months to get a shot of this sign in the side of the mountain [from a moving car].  Today she succeeded.
The new roomies are getting along just great.  It may have something to do with their similar styles of bed making.

We drove down to Squirrel's college on Friday to take her the money for her books.  It was $150.00 more than originally planned so it was good that we went, but it makes for a long day to go down and back within 8 hours - twice in a week - and we were stuck in road construction for an hour today.  Thank goodness we all enjoy eachother's company.

We were able to pop into Squirrel's dorm for a bit and she showed us her band uniform [snazzy] and that her roommate had moved in.  Very sweet girl - and funnily enough her family lives about 20 minutes from us - she attended a rival high school of Squirrel's.  Small world category, eh?

In other news - my beloved ILs have sold their home and have barely 10 days left until they have to move out - eek.  Today we are going over there to help them pack of the little stuff - the movers are doing most of the big things like the china, etc - and from talking to my MIL this past week I suspect we are going to end up with a van full of stuff, which is great by me - I love my MILs style and kitchyness [word?] - so that will be fun.

I am so not looking forward to getting back in the car to drive over there tho'.


Jeannie said...

A cannon at burger king huh?

If you live so close, maybe the girls can share rides back and forth.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Shel went to school 5 hours from here. I won't even count the number of times we (I by myself) traveled back and forth all in one day. It kicked my old butt big time. The lady across the street just got back last night around 1pm from taking her kid. He is a fool child..about 1.5 hours into the 5 hr drive he discovered he forgot his violin. No big deal except auditions for the Amarillo Symphony today. Darn kids. Oh well, we all shoulda been smarter and done like other species and eaten them when they were younger and more tender.
vert word: headerry. That's the cow in charge...the headerry cow.

Wallene said...

Sorry Linda, but the violin would've been SOL - I would not have turned around for it. If it is that important they remember and I am pretty sure we would remember to ask.

And this wasn't Squirrel's fault about the books - that money is HERS and she should be able to use it as she wishes, it wasn't designated for only one thing - the school is holding onto [as the other students too] and making a hefty amount in interest while they are at it. I resent it and I also resent [Squirrel and I] not getting one straight answer this summer until it was too late.

I will not be doing this trip on a whim or because she forgot something. I am a compliant Momma but only to a point.

And out of all my kids only Wallene is worth eating. She is the sweetest. :D

Anonymous said...

yup - looks very Luray/Newmarket-y. I am just 2 hours away from JMU; you'll see lots of odd schtuff like that around here. =)

Rudee said...

Skippy...I have two words for you and the Squirrel:

well really now, that's one word isn't it?

We've saved thousands doing this. The books come in excellent condition and very promptly. Money is money--more for shopping, eating, living and play this way!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

love the photograph! great job, wallene!!!

that is a long ride to take care of books. i bet it was frustrating, too.

word vert: perats
those perats talk too much

Yum Yucky said...

Messy bedrooms make me squeal just a bit, but mostly my own. It's a hot mess right now. Please fix for me?