Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's How I Roll [and then go THUD]

Everything went according to plan yesterday.  We went over to pick up the TV and DVD player from my old high school friend, who graciously gave us the "small world" discount of $50 for both [woot!] and then Pooldad and Wallene picked up Squirrel's bike - which is going to be her birthday present.  I also got a discount on this as the woman wanted $65 but sold it to me for $40!

Squirrel had left to go babysitting so when Pooldad and Wallene arrived home I went outside to get a good look at her present.  Nice.  Very nice. A little soap and water, some armor all and it will look brand new. YAY!

I asked Wallene to ride it to see how it felt.  She hopped on but the seat was a bit high and she only rode it for a minute.  After she dismounted I said to Pooldad that I was going to try it out.  He just stared at me.

Me?  Cane lady?  Takes each step one at a time woman?  The crip'? [I get to say it - it's my disease :)]

Yes, ME.

Big mistake. Big. HUGE. [Why Yes, yes I do channel Julia Roberts on an almost daily basis. Thank you.]

Getting on the bike wasn't much of a problem - the seat was a bit high for me too, but I am long legged - so I hopped aboard and slowly took off out of our driveway.  I peddled up the hill about a half of a block, turned, coasted back towards the house turned again and pulled back into the driveway to my adoring family and a neighbor.  Pooldad looked so happy that I could actually ride the bike [and not pass out, I think].  He started towards me as I stopped the bike.  Before I could swing my leg around and dismount I lost my balance and fell smack dab onto the concrete driveway with the bike on top of me.

Graceful?  Who said anything about graceful?

My glasses flew off, as did my hat and I had somehow managed to land on my left hip and scratch my left elbow, but had a huge scrape on my right knee.  When I go down I cover ALL the bases - let me tell ya'.  I laid there contemplating how best to get up while Pooldad tried to extract me from the bike.  Poor Wallene and her lil' friend we just standing there, mouths open, not knowing quite what to do.

When I finally stood up [ouch] I turned to Wallene's lil' friend and said "Sorry about that Katie - but they seemed to have removed Mrs. Skippy's coordination while she was in the hospital."  Pooldad just looked at me and shook his head as if to say "Coordination?  What coordination?  You never had any to begin with."  [it's true]

I am fine - just a little banged up and with a baby bruise to the ol' ego, but for one minute, just one, I got to forget I am sick.

And THAT tadpoles?  Was AWESOME!


sapphireblue said...

I'm glad you're okay!

RV Vagabonds said...

Tis better to have rolled and lost than never to have rolled at all. Bike therapy? Worth checking out.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

you're a step ahead of me in bravery. i would NEVER get on a non-stationary bike. i didn't have much grace or coordination when i had TWO balance nerves - and with only one... {shudder} just the thought of the possible outcome is enough to scare the beejeebers out of me.

glad you're ok.

Rudee said...

Aha! You need a recumbent bike!

Rudee said...

With 3 wheels. That's a recumbent tricycle!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey, ride on girlfriend. If ya wanted I would share my broom. No quick stops and the darn thing cleans the floors too. Comes when you whistle and everything....not. But a girl can dream. I do however have an adult tricycle that is gathering dust in the garage. We could terrorize the neighborhood together. They could call us lickety and split. Or maybe luckily and splat. As many times as I have crashed and burned they would just call us roll and tumble (this combo is thanks to GK the wise). But we could be bad (_*_)'s anyway. Tee Hee. Kissing your boo boo better, Olde Bagg
vert word: miste....that's what I got when I heard you fall down go boom. My eyes went miste. course the way you described it, I kinda giggled too.

TinaM said...

Well good for you! I don't think I would even try to get on a bike at this point... but I'm proud of you for doing it :) It sounds like the scratches/bruises were worth it!

Have you ever seen those 3 wheeled bicycles? oh... I guess that would make it a tricycle lol... but anyway, they are really nice. Maybe something you might like?

Go Skippy!!! :)

TinaM said...

oh, I just saw Rudees comment lol :) Yeah, one of those :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

If the worst of it is your ego, then all is well in Skippyland!

You may steal my dress idea with my blessing. Just put the shirt you want to use on her and measure the length from the end of the shirt to where you want it to fall. Cut two lengths of folded 45" fabric and sew them together. Hem it and then run a gathering stitch at the top and fit it to the shirt. I placed the raw edge under the shirt and positioned it so that I could simply top-stitch over the hem stitch on the shirt. I made three of them for Adrienne before she went home. She liked them as swim suit covers. I think they will make fine back to school dresses for those really hot days at the beginning of the school year.