Thursday, August 5, 2010

One More in The Series Entitled: It Could Only Happen to Me

Can someone please explain how it is that I laid down, on my couch, for a two hour nap and woke up with a black eye?

Really tadpoles. What is up?

I had no idea it had happened because it doesn't hurt and it isn't swollen - it is just a big ol' bruise-y looking thing under my right eye. I wouldn't have known but the kids pointed it out.

Which leads me to wonder:

Was I a little too enthusiastic taking off my eye make up yesterday?
Did Pooldad sleepwalk and slap me? [think I would've remembered that]
Was Scooby wagging his incredibly strong tail in my face while I slumbered? I have seen him almost knock Spot unconcious with his tail so that is a very strong possibility.

Anyway -Who knows?

[I would share a pic' but my camera is somewhere on I-95 headed towards Rhode Island as I type this.]

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and Pooldad said "Oh great. Now Dr. Kim is going to think I beat you too."

Tune in tomorrow - I might wake up bald.

Seriously. It could happen. heehee


Linda in New Mexico said...

OMG. I'm so sorry about your eye...but the question is now....what did you dream about?
That is very weird girlfriend.
SM talked in his sleep last night and had a "disagreement" with someone...glad I don't know, and woke up in an icky mood. I on the other hand didn't sleep much and have the kids all to myself for the first time in over a week. Maybe they'll take pity on me this afternoon and let me nap. Yeah and I'm getting prettier every day too...not.
You are going to love the vert word today. And by the way, what happened to my winning touchdown in the super bowl of vert word comments the other edited me huh?
vert word ovenagu...this is what caring people do when they love you and want you to behave and get better from pneumonia, they ovenagu.

Wallene said...

Heehee - love the vert word - but what are you talking about - I didn't edit you. It is still there [I think] but I had to give the point to Linda Vagabraun instead - sorry :( LOL - eventhough I am not the scorekeeper or anything. heehee

And the added fact that I SUCK at vert words. You guys are more creative than me. :)

Jeannie said...

I've woken up with a black eye - but that's because my husband starts bashing his arms around when he's having a restless night. So now I just leave when that starts happening.

Yum Yucky said...

Pooldad did it. After all, I kicked my husband in the head last evening and he didn't even know it. That's what happens when you fall asleep in the floor in way of foot traffic.

Disclaimer: head kick was accidental, as I'm sure Pooldad-infused black eye was as well.

See that? Mystery solved.

ellen abbott said...

Pooldad beats someone else?

sapphireblue said...

It was leprechauns or maybe the chupacabra.

Wallene said...

Oops Ellen I had better explain - a few years ago Spot [yes, the smaller of our dogs] jumped up and head butted my mouth. I lost a tooth. Dr. Kim had to do the fix.

Seemed kind of far fetched that a little dachshie could do that, but she has a very hard head and it really shocked us.

Wallene said...

PS - Sapphhire I am going with leprachauns. :) Love it.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My Oscar gave me a black eye once, they do have the hardest little heads! He bit me, too........but I bit him back and he hasn't bitten me since!

Rudee said...

Maybe you rubbed it in your sleep.

TinaM said...

Wow, your dentist IS going to think he beats you! The tooth and now this???

Can't you use your unicorn dogs healing powers to fix it or something??? :)

Nat said...

Aren't those mystery bruises the greatest? They never seem to make sense and then it drives me crazy trying to think of where I got them.

The husband idea may not be crazy... I woke up to my boyfriend apologizing the other night because he karate-chopped my butt while sleeping. Hopefully he doesn't dream that he is a boxer!