Monday, August 2, 2010

I Feel Like Food

I don't know why - just felt like a food post today. Right now I have a pork shoulder in the crockpot - we are having pulled pork for dinner tonight. Easy-peasy, except now I have to smell it all day. I am also making coleslaw, potato salad and devilled eggs. Yum. I love summer cooking.

Onto the pics' - The first one is of fried chicken. Again. But this is from a series of pics' Wallene and I took for Linda's picture tutorial on making fried chicken. We took 124 from start to finish. heehee. I am going to compile them all into a little booklet with step by step instructions for her. I ordered a set of prints on line at Wal mart because I don't think my lil' printer could handle all of that. I am also creating a tutorial on roasting a chicken, making gravy, chicken salad and stock for Tina M. I need more pics' for that one tho'. Oh well, more good eating for us! YAY
This is the pot roast I made for Pooldad the day he had to guess what's for dinner. I know pot roast doesn't exactly scream "July" but then again neither does Thanksgiving dinner. :) I just cook what we have a craving for.
This is probaby my favorite summer meal. The watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes and the onion in the salads are all from the farmer's market. Yum. The salads are [from the left] chicken, tuna and egg. We make up huge batches of each and then we snack on it through out the week. [The chicken salad was made up of leftover fried chicken.] The watermelon tasted like candy. This pic' is actually of Wallene's plate - I don't eat that much of the salads.

Hey Skippy! This isn't a picture of food - what gives? I know, I know but it cracks me up. My poor doggy. Wallene made him a unicorn. Doesn't he look magical? heehee
Well that's it for today? What's on your menu for dinner tonight? This week? Share your ideas for your favorite summer meals. Please? I need something new in the rotation. Thanks and everyone have the best Monday you can :)
Talk to ya' later.


ellen abbott said...

I just had breakfast and you've already made me hungry again.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

OMG - I'm sitting here eating a "diet" cookie and see those pictures. Yum, yum, yum! They all look wonderful.

You guys are wonderful cooks. Wanna come play at my house? Cook, freeze, bake - you name it, I'll let you do it. hahahahah! "Let" hehehehe!

word vert: clamony
I'm clamony for your food.

colenic said...

Although not really a recipe- my favorite meal during the summer is grilled zucchini and squash ( fresh out othe garden if possible) with just a sprinkle of balsamic and a bit of parmesan cheese- and grilled peaches with maserated raspberry sauce on it's a relatively light meal perfect for all this hot weather!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Yay, I can hardly wait to see my millions of pictures of yummers fried if only I could serve the pictures, I'd be all set.
We are having.........hmmmmm, Shel and the kids are just coming home from their mini vacation, Joe works until midnight so I'd say I'm having a Slimfast drink. His hours are making me lose weight, yay, but boring.
vert word is stedis.
Americans say ready set go, Brits say readis stedis go.

Wallene said...

Ellen you made me laugh. Sorry about that. I, too, am starving smelling the pork cook.

Teresa - I'll be there anytime you say. I'll bring Wallene and we can stock you and Ron up!

Colenic - that is one of my favorite veggies. I could get sick eating it b/c I eat so much in one sitting :) - I have never grilled peaches, but that is going to change this weekend when I pick some up at the farmer's market. Thanks. :)

Linda I can't wait to put it all together. It will be a lot of fun and I got a lot of help from Wallene [she is in most of the pics too :)] Now please eat something more substantial than a slimfast shake - save those for breakfast and lunch. You need some food girlie to help you feel better.

RV Vagabonds said...

Forget the pictures, just send the chicken!

word vert: swehak. *singing* "Let me call you swehak I'm in love with you...."

Didja laugh?

Jeannie said...

You can send your leftovers up here for us because I don't like to cook in the summer.

Life in the mom lane said...

That all looks so yummy! We had spaghetti with sauce/sausage tonight. Tomorrow is grilled chicken & corn on the cob. Then maybe chili- or hamburgers.

qandlequeen said...

We had Thanksgiving - turkey, homemade bread (okay, it was frozen loaf of dough, but it was baked at home), mashed taters and gravy... all ready when I walked in the door. I'll be so sad - and hungry - when he returns to work.

Rudee said...

It sure looks tasty at your house!

SInce you asked...I've made grilled bread salad about 10 times this summer. I usually grill a burger or a piece of fish to go along with this. I also love chicken salad with grapes and apples. A match made in heaven. My stuffed peppers and cabbage get made quite a lot. All yum.

The photo of your dog makes me laugh. He looks so sweet and tolerant.

TinaM said...

OMGoodness you are so sweet making those for us!!!!
All of that food looks soo delicious!!!!