Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's Revisit the Past, Shall We?

Things unearthed while packing a home full of memories. 

The hand on the hip has me rethinking my decision on marrying him.
Then again, I think he is hawt!
I told him he looked like one of the Bee Gees.
 Don't you agree?
I love this picture.
 It is [from left] my BIL, my beloved FIL and Pooldad.
 How lucky am I that I married into a family where one member is better looking than the next? heehee
I  put this up because Pooldad and his brother are such babies in this pic'.
They are on the right.  Pooldad is the tallest one.
I  have two words:  Porn mustaches.
And if the guy on the left ever finds my blog he will kill me.
 He should just be glad I didn't post them on Facebook.
Look at the price of a concert in 1977.
I looked up the difference.
Same venue.  Same seat.
1997 minimum wage was $2.20 - the ticket was $8.50.
2010 minimum wage is $7.25 - and a ticket to a performance by Godsmack and the ticket price is $197.00.
Seems pay isn't keeping up with the cost of living.  Sigh.
[and don't ask me who Godsmack is - and no, I don't care to know]
I didn't know this magazine ever existed.
Think this would fly in today's oh so correct world?
Hope you enjoyed our little walk down memory lane. [I have more. Wooboy do I!]  We are having a great time.  Although it is a little bittersweet for my family - it will be nice for them to move into their new condo come September.  Hope everyone has a great Sunday.  We are off later today to pack more.


Jeannie said...

It's shocking to go back and look at old pictures - our youth - our styles - and the values we had at the time which are now so not PC - cuz there was no such thing.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Such great pictures. Ah... the 70s - what memories!

have fun packing.

word vert: unstate
sometimes, we need to unstate what we just stated.

ellen abbott said...

Oh the 70s were such a hoot!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Your photos are so great. I should play oldie photos with you. I could see you a Pooldad and raise you a Sweet Man with a cheesy mustache....oh wait he still has it. LOL
vert word: granki
That's what I am most of the time granki...literally, figureatively, and emotionally.

Rudee said...

You know what strikes me most about those photos? It's how much you obviously still love your own personal hottie.

It makes me smile.

Thank you!

Tessa said...

Awesome pictures and Pooldad looks so cool. I spent all day on the computer researching my family history so was living in the past a bit too.

colenic said...

These are awesome pictures...I have pictures of my dad that were similar to these- it is great that you are sharing these memories and smiles with us!!

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Oh boy, the porn mustaches are priceless! Unfortunately, we ALL have pictures like that in our closets. Or worse yet, in someone else's closet - someone who will put them in her blog. :)

Sally said...

I love seeing old photos! They are so much fun to look at, especially when they reveal something "new" about someone you know. For instance, my aunt go married in this purple mini dress (it was the 70's, after all) and she wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt that was above her knees now.

I also love the wonderful memories that are preserved in photos, especially of our loved ones that are no longer with us in physical form.

TinaM said...

Thanks for sharing the pics!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
I wonder how much a plastic cup of beer would have been??? Ray's was$5.50 each last night... good thing we don't go out often I guess!

sapphireblue said...

Those photos are awesome! I'm so glad you posted them.

Sandra said...

You are so much porn do you watch that this thought would have jumped to your brilliant mind!
And to answer the question in your comment to me, I have also been reading your posts, did not read the tuna casserole one simply because the food pics make me hungry, and love your voice! I love laughing out loud and you do that to me. You were added to my blog roll last night, so never worry about being boring, you are far from it! Let the stalking begin!