Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's A Small World

We have been trying to square away everything Squirrel needs before she leaves for college next week.  Arduous task as you all probably know.  Thanks for all the ideas on things I know I am forgetting - I have added them to the list.

Squirrel turns 18 the day before she leaves for school and we wanted to get her something nice for her birthday and we decided on either a bicycle or a TV/DVD player.  She really needs the bicycle but since her roommate is bringing the refrigerator we agreed to provide the TV.  We were going to share a microwave but the girls can't have one in their room. With all the other expenses we have we didn't think we could afford both the bike and TV.

Enter Craigslist.  

I found two bikes for sale in our neighborhood that would be perfect for her and one is even her school colors which is no small feat considering what her school colors are. YAY Score one for Skippy.

Better yet I found a TV and DVD player for sale a few blocks from our home.  When I emailed the person [on Craigslist the first email is anonymous] I inquired if they were still available.  The owner promptly responded and said they were but what caught my eye was the man's name.  Not too common of a name and that is when I realized the guy was my locker buddy for 6 years in middle school and high school.  I was so excited - I hadn't realized we lived so close.

We are going over to look at it this evening.  

I am definitely asking for an alumni discount. :)


Linda in New Mexico said...

This is such a cool story. Bumping into someone from middle school after all these years....way cool. Good luck with the packing and all that goes with it.
Vert word is untst...someone should have looked at this untested word, see.....untst.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You gotta love craig's list!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Skippy do rah day....I just left you an award on my bloggie, kisses The Olde Bagg...I know I am an (__)

RV Vagabonds said...

Craigslist is a great resource when used wisely. A bike in school colors? Yay! A TV that reacquaints you with an old classmate? Priceless!

word vert: asedshi. Skippy? Asedshi's a smart lady! (bonus points for me today!)