Sunday, August 22, 2010

So That's How I Get Your Attention

Who knew?

In our home Pooldad and Wallene have similar sounding names.  Additionally Wallene and Squirrel's names start with the same letter [yes, yes...okay - one day I will out my entire family and tell you our real names.  I figure most of you know anyway - but until then please try and follow me. Thanks!]  When I call to one I invariably end up with one of the others and not the person I initially wanted.

This morning I learned a new trick that may alleviate the confusion - at least with my husband. :)

I woke up super early [4 am] and came downstairs to play on the computer.  Everyone was [obviously] still asleep.

While tap typing away I suddenly sneezed. Loud.

I hear:  "Okay honey.  I'll be there in a sec'."

I responded:  "No sweetheart.  That's  okay.  It's early.  Go back to sleep."

Then I sneezed again.

Pooldad yelled down:  "I said I was coming.  Whaaaa....t?"

I respond again:  "Pooldad I am not calling for you.  Go back to sleep."

Pooldad:  "Give me an hour."

I sneezed yet again. [I always sneeze three times.  I don't know why.]

Pooldad:  "Jeesh Skippy - if you want me to get up just say so."

Me:  "Dude I don't want you to get up.  I am SNEEZING, not calling your name."

Pooldad:  "Why?"

Me:  "Go back to sleep."

So evidently sneezing will get my husband's attention.  It should be interesting to see what it takes to get Wallene to answer me. ::cough, cough::


ellen abbott said...

I always sneeze in a minimum of three! What's up with that?

Linda in New Mexico said...

You know my fam actually had the nerve to ask me to go outside to sneeze? Yeah, okay, huh? But SM has never thought I was calling him when I sneezed.....too funny.

Jeannie said...

That's funny. But familiar. If I call anyone's name, they are deaf but if I yell at the dog, they all think I'm talking to them.

Sally said...

This really cracks me up! I try to call my husbands name, and I swear he never hears me...I have to call and call and call. However, if I were to sit in the living room and whisper something on the phone when he is in the office(not that I am, but you get the idea), he will ask me about it later. Although, he never thinks I'm calling him when I'm sneezing, either.