Monday, August 9, 2010

We Cancelled Cable But...

....we still have Netflix On Demand on our TV through our Wii.  Very awesome.

You can watch complete seasons of your favorite shows.  Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, all the Law and Orders, Sponge Bob. It is pretty nice for the low price of $10 a month.  [Plus a gazillion movies].


[ What?  You didn't think there was another reason for this post besides being a shill for Netflix On Demand?  You don't know me very well. hee]

They also have food shows.  Food shows I love to watch and drool over. [Yes, perpetually hungry over here!   ::waving:: ]

Which usually leads to a craving.  That in turn leads to us leaving the house.  For supplies.  Supplies to replicate whatever it was that we just saw on one of the shows.

This weekend?  ICE CREAM SUNDAES.  YUM!!!  We bought vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream plus caramel, chocolate and strawberry sauces.  Then we added the gooey walnuts and real whipped cream for a sundae making extravaganza!

The only bad  part is I didn't have my camera to document the decadence that was our Sunday night dessert.  And then tonight.  And tomorrow and maybe Wednesday. heehee.  It is great because all of this yummy-ness is low in sodium. YAY!

I'll hit 125 lbs yet.  You just watch.


Amy said...

My husband would kiss you on the mouth if he could. He is begging me to give up cable.

Jeannie said...

I'd love to hit 125 lbs! But I'm going the opposite way and may have to cut a leg off to do it.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL @ Jeannie... My husband just did and it only took him down about 5 pounds. Rehab, now - that's another story! hehehehe! He's lost a total of 42 pounds and I'm sure of that was due to working out in rehab. Plus, he's a "water retainer" and has to watch his sodium intake.

I'd love to hit 125 as well, but I'd be decomposing if I did. I used to tease that I'd be a size 10 at some point and everyone would have to exhume me and exclaim, "would you look at that - a perfect size 10!" lol!

Wallene said...

All you all are cracking me up. heehee!