Monday, August 16, 2010

I Am Starting to Rethink My Position on This

My family takes good care of me.  They do just about everything for me and for that I am grateful.  Very, very grateful. Still - the better I feel the more I want to do.  For me, for them, for the pups.

I want to go up and down the stairs.  I want to walk the dogs.  I want to clean the kitchen and cook dinner, pack lunches, make snacks.  I want to do our laundry [okay, not really - but it sounds good] I even want to vacuum and dust [I love vacuuming!].

In essence I want to go back to the Mom in my moniker.  I want to be SkippyMom and not just the sick lady in the corner.

And? I have been doing a bang up job this past week.  Bang up being the operable word in that sentence.  Yes - I fell off the bike but I did manage to leave my cane at home to walk to the store - Yet?  I still keep wounding myself - Grace is definitely not my middle name.  y'know?

Case in point:

Pooldad came home from work about the time that Scooby needed to be let out for a pee break.  Not a walk mind you - just a quickie - and when he galloped back inside he started doing his happy dance for "da' waters" - He is a water dog, yes - but this dog LOVES water.  Put a steak and gallon bowl of water in front of him and he would completely ignore the steak.

We give Scooby his water on the back porch because he is a big, fat, messy drinker.  Today I popped up and went to grab his bowl to fill it and took it outside, set it down and let him slurp his way through it.

The whole time Pooldad is protesting, saying to me, "I'll get that honey.  Honey! I'll DO IT. Sit down please."

But I want to do it myself.  My dog too.  And it is a simple task, short walk, light lifting.  I can do this.

One would think.

When I turned to come back inside I clipped the threshhold of the porch door with my right foot.  Hard.  My middle three toes instantly started to swell and I limped over to my chair, tears in my eyes - trying not to scream.  Jammed toes hurt.  I know they go a long way to keeping us upright, but I am forever running them into something.  Was there not a better model design for feet than this? [God? I am talking to you.]

Pooldad's response? "I told you I would get it for him."  And I slapped him. heehee - because he made me laugh.  But....

It happened again 10 minutes later.  On my chair when I got up to get a drink.  Slammed the same 3 toes right into the leg of the chair.

Wallene's response?  "Mama I would've gotten that for you."

Yes.  I know.  I know they would do whatever it is for me and not be bothered by it - but I want to do it.

Now I am back using my cane [Yay for the cane!] but really?  I think it is better if I just stay seated and let them do what they do and want to do.

I think I am a danger to myself. hee


Linda in New Mexico said...

Yes, darling girl stay seated. I'll tell you my tale of semi lucidity. In the Bible...uh huh? Gen.12:12. You are blessed to be a blessing. If you don't allow others to bless you with doing for are you to be the blessing you are intended to be to them and the rest of us. I come from the same place you do...I da Mommy. Well sometimes, da Mommy should sit down and let others do for them. I learned that the hard way when I had my knee replacement.
Of course now everyone in my neck of the woods has forgotten how to bless me so there ya go.
Take care dear lady, blessed to be a blessing....keep saying that.
Vert word: wersu. If you don't take car of you, then there will be a wersu version of yourself.

Amy said...

I hope you swore.

Jamming toes = massive swearing in my book.

You need to take it easy...Remember the knee a few months back?

But I'm with you, sometimes you just got to do things yourself.


Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

When you ask God about redesigning feet, could you also ask him why we have gall bladders, when things seem to be so much better once they're removed? Could we just start out without them, maybe? Also tonsils. And why is our only breathing hole so close to our eating hole? Choking shouldn't be that easy. Seems like a design flaw to me.

I agree that you need to do some things for yourself. I'm sure your family understands this. They're just trying to make it easy on you. I'd say, wrap your toes around a big old pair of slippers and go for it!

RV Vagabonds said...

3 words. Steel toed boots.

Just sayin'.

Jeannie said...

I think you should continue to do things for yourself but recognize that you don't have the grace you used to and pay closer attention to wear your poor tootsies are going. I am also clutzier than I used to be. I miss a lot of the beauty of our walks because I am watching for roots and rocks that trip me up if I don't. I broke a lot of dishes for a while too until I carried fewer at a time and took special care.

My dog loves water too- and is incredibly messy with it. I have to take water with us on our walks.

Yum Yucky said...

I want to slap my husband too. Just sayin'.

TinaM said...

I'm sorry SkippyMom! I see what you're saying, That you want to do things on your own. I like the idea of the slippers (or even the steel toed boots lol).

I guess I would say: Try and be happy with how great you are feeling :) Realize how much easier it is to do the things you DO do by yourself now that you feel better... and try not to push the rest?

Hugs!!! CAREFUL hugs, as not to step on your hurt toes :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

yep - i agree; stay seated and let folks do what they can and will for you. i agree with linda... we "da mom" and we forget that we don't always have to do it all (listen to me talk... lol!).

Life in the mom lane said...

I so "get" what you're saying!!!! As I have gotten older and am now...*past 50* *sigh*
I have become a bit of a klutz- for me it is falling.....the joke around our house is don't let mom up on anything or she will fall.... case in point... a couple of yrs. ago I wanted to get a box down to begin decorating for Christmas....Jeff was out of town- kids no where to be found.. so I decide- I'll just do it myself...

I get out the ladder... climb up... begin to heft the box down.. not realizing that I no longer have the strength I did @ 30... and proceed to fall off the ladder blacking out for a few seconds as the box falls on my face giving me a black eye....

If it wasn't for the damned black eye no one would've been the wiser....

I have a feeling I am gonna be one of those ornery old broads ... :)

Shauna said...

I'm late to this game...but what's wrong? What prompts the need for the cane? Do you have MS?

I think my bad luck and your clumsiness should get together and have a party!