Sunday, May 24, 2015

There is Happy in this Post

I should be asleep and drooling in my chair. heehee - But I promise this is all good. Especially the middle few paragraphs.

So that was some mental pic', eh? Sorry about that - it's just that my new meds [again!surprise!] have given me the unavoidable side effect of falling asleep mid sentence, no matter where I am, regardless of who is around or what I am doing.

Yeah, It also means Skippy doesn't drive anymore. Which, some of you know, isn't such a bad thing because I gave Ozcarz to Wallene for her 17th birthday so I really don't have anything to drive anyway. hee.

It's a good thing I suppose.  And it's the Lyrica that is doing it.  You know that nightmare inducing drug?  Well. . .I figured out what the problem was with it and why it was giving me such awful nightmares.  The doctors had prescribed Dilaudid with it. It's a narcotic that I seem to be highly allergic to, in that - I do really strange things when I take it.  One time they mixed it with sleeping pills while I was in the hospital and [my hand to God] I removed my IV and tried to escape from the hospital. I just thought I could go home. I was pretty desperate to get home [you all know how much I hate hospitals]. That is until the big burly security guard, my husband and my two young daughters pried me off the front doors of the hospital and escorted me back to my room where I passed out. I woke up later restrained to the bed.

If nothing else I lead an interesting life. giggle

Okay, where was I? So, I figured this out. Dilaudid = bad, Lyrica on it's own or combined with morphine = good.  The morphine doesn't help with the pain so much [not like the Lyrica does] but it has the added benefit of giving me energy and keeping me awake. But? It's a narcotic and plbhhhht on that. The Lyrica is fine, on it's own, but it's not narcotic. Yippy Skippy!

I did have a lovely talk with a very kind High School friend [Hi JPS!] and when she called one evening she told me all about her nutritionist. I have an appointment at the end of next month.  You all know I watch what I eat due to my heart - and you can learn a lot on the internet about eating and reducing symptoms of pain, swelling, flares etc - but I have so many questions as I am discovering a lot of what I thought was good for me [i.e. low in sodium and healthy for others] may be exacerbating my conditions.  As I told a fellow Tadpole, lottajoy, I would try voodoo at this point if I thought it would help.  No one should have to accept this kind of pain and live like this 24/7.  Still, I am thankful that my friend called, so thankful, because eating well makes so much sense and as much as I have tried, it will be nice to see what else I can do from someone who actually is trained to know.

But I am working it Tadpoles - and working it hard. There is so much I want to do and people I love an want to take care of, so we soldier on ::salute::

Aw hell - just know I am thankful that I am still here. I am a very blessed woman. I know that - you know that and thank you God, He knows it too. ::grin::

I do have a bunch of happy stuff to report.  As I have said before all of this stuff is on Facebook, so it will be repeats for some of you - but it IS too much fun not to repeat twice. ::wink::

  • At the top of the list, bestest thing ever, our Squirrel graduated from James Madison University on May 9th of this year. We were busting with happiness [and pride] for her - and had a nice lunch before her and Wallene left on a trip to a local amusement park to celebrate with friends.  She is packing up her apartment and will be leaving for graduate school next month. Can you believe it?
    Momma [out of her wheelchair momentarily], Squirrel and Wallene
  • Now, Wallene?  She graduates High School next month and will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts in the fall.  Which, again, makes us very proud, but leaves Steven and me a little sad because it is going to be so quiet around here come September.  I think I am going to end up being one needy froglet then. Anyone have a kid they would care to .....I don't know....drop off for an extended visit in the hills of Virginia? hee
    Yes, This graduates in less than 3 weeks. Where did the time go?
  • Steven and I celebrated out 20th anniversary this month.  I don't know if that makes us crazy, considering what we have been through in 20 years, or crazy in love.  But he is truly my bestest friend and I have never had someone love and care for me so much - even at my darkest.  I love you baby ::waving::  I just betcha' we make it 20 more, don't you?
    Anniversary roses in my favorite color!
Big days ahead.  We still stand to lose the house, but Steven and I are taking it one day at a time. We aren't looking forward to downsizing and all the packing it entails to move to a smaller home, but as with everything we are up against, we will do it. We always do.  We are just waiting and working on getting Wallene to the University before we have to leave this home.  It makes me a wee bit sad, because gosh knows I love this place and our neighbors - but then I say my prayers and realize a cardboard box could be home for us, as long as we are together.  I do laugh to myself when I mention the cardboard box thing because at the bleakest Steven or I will say to the other "I could live in a cardboard box with you."  It's simply a different way to say "I love you" and realize what our priorities actually are.  He has worked so hard his whole life, and has been amply rewarded for it, but being up against all of this now has depleted everything we every thought we would have at this point.  But?  All the kids are safe, healthy and hopefully very happy [they tell me they are!] and Steven and I are here, now and together. Forever.

And that my friends is reason to Skippyhappydance, even if the world is crumbling.

'Cause you know? It could be worse. I never forget that.

Smile loudly - Life is a gift. A big, fat gift with shiny paper and a red bow.  Enjoy your Sunday. I will see you on the flipside Tadpoles as I feel the drool ::giggle:: coming on...gotta' go!


Gypsy said...

What a wonderful post to read first thing this morning! I am so happy for your happiness and finding some relief from the worst of the pain.

Unknown said...

Hi Skippy,

It's very nice to read from you, as always. Glad to read about the happiness, we all need happiness around us. And you are such a strong person!
Here all is the same, might face some slight changes in my career but for the better, we shall see.
Sending lot's of hugs your way!!


ellen abbott said...

happy to hear from you and so glad that you aren't suffering from nightmares. and diluadid is a narcotic too, and I'm sure you know that, so be glad you aren't on it anymore. glad to hear you are going to a qualified nutritionist. we can self educate but it's not always enough. so here's hoping she will offer some improvement. anyway, glad to hear about the girls. you done good.

CWMartin said...

How wonderful to hear you sounding better. I admit, God and I have had a few heated (on my part) discussions about His allowance of your suffering. Congrats to the girls, just amazing. Hang in there and have a good holiday weekend!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Lyrica, huh? I am taking Neurontin for the post-shingles neuropathy. My insurance won't cover the Lyrica, but I am happy with the pain relief and no apparent side effects. I am always a little scatter brained anyway. I am glad this is working for you! Congrats to the graduate. Such an accomplishment. My 14 year old granddaughter was inducted into the Junior Honors Society and is the Vice-President. We are so very proud of her. She also dances competitions and is ranked high. So very humble, though. She is the pretty girl in school that you want to hate, but can't because she is so nice!!

1st Man said...

I can "hear" the happy in your words. Yay for you. If made me happy to read too (and we can all use that).

Big sausage gravy and biscuits hugs to you!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I'm soooooo glad to hear you're getting some relief, and here's hoping that nutritionist can guide you to some pointers that will help you even more.

And sleep... blessed sleep. That's gotta make a huge difference in how you're feeling. Who cares about a little drool?

You posted this on our anniversary... 46 years! MAN, is my husband ever getting old...

Love ya, kid. Keep on smiling. 12:34

Biz said...

The same thing happened to Tony. He was in a Chicago hospital so I wasn't spending the night. I go the next day to his room and it's completely bare - what the hell?! I go to the nurses station and ask where he is and he's been moved to a room right across the nurses station - because overnight he bit through his IV, blood was pouring everywhere, and he just felt he shouldn't be there and had to get out - and dilaudid was the culprit!

I wish I could help you out more! Hugs!!!

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