Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dear. . .

Dear Motorcyclist,
I am a good driver. I swear.  And I promise I always look out for motorcycles. Really.  I just didn't realize that when we both began to merge into the right lane to pass the white mini van that you would accelerate so quickly to cut me off.  I am sorry I almost hit you.  I didn't realize you wanted to go faster than the speed limit right then.
My apologies.

Dear Woman in the Enormous White SUV,
When you came whipping into the parking lot do you think you could slow down a bit and look for the smaller cars that are already in the process of parking?  We all know how busy the time right before the start of Mass can be.  I really am sorry that my correcting my car, backing into the space, made you have to stop momentarily.  Did you really find it necessary to show you displeasure in being held up for 20 seconds by "flipping" me off Italian style?  That sure was an ugly gesture on your part and the look on your face scared me.
To be honest I didn't really feel up to going into church at that point knowing you would be sitting among us. I was pretty downhearted by then so I turned my car around and drove home.  In tears
I will pray for you at a different Mass today.
And watch for you in the future when I am in the church parking lot.
With God's love,

Dear Tadpoles,
Sorry I haven't been around, posting or leaving comments lately.  Not much to write without repeating myself . I haven't even put that many miles on Oscar [only 150 since the last time I posted about it] but I can safely say I am still among the living.
I hope y'all are enjoying the beautiful fall weather, good health and happiness.
See ya' on the flipside. [I don't know what or when that flipside will be heehee, but....]
Love always,


Terry said...

Blurker here . . . just had to comment because this is unbelievable . . . in the CHURCH parking lot? Well, church supposedly is not for the perfect, but for the sinners. She definitely was in the right place, I guess. I hope she got what she needed out of the mass to help calm her soul and make her more at peace with the world. But in the church parking lot?

Rudee said...

Human beings can be terrible. I'm sorry that woman ruined your morning.

ellen abbott said...

I know, right! I don't get drivers like that. You both want to go around a stopped or slower vehicle, you have your turn indicator on, they KNOW you want to move over also and yet the driver in the car behind you moves into the opening first and speeds up cutting you off! They would have to pause maybe 5 seconds to let you in in front of them but no sirree, nope, not letting anyone in front of them. It's not like you would be the only car in front of them. there's a thousand cars in front of them! What an impatient people we have become. So sorry that very rude lady upset you so.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I just cannot believe how simply mean some people are. I recently saw a bumper sticker - MEAN PEOPLE SUCK - and if I didn't hate bumper stickers so much, I might have to have that one. Also, so many people drive as if they can't spare another 5 seconds to be safe. What's the big hurry?

Juli said...

I tried to merge onto the expressway last week and accidently got into a funeral procession. As soon as I realized it I moved into the passing lane. I felt so bad already, but it was really not necessary for the jackass next to me to scream out his window. It was also not necessary for him to cause me to miss my next 5 exits because he would not let me back out... or any one else, including the 18 wheeler behind me.

I finally gave up and went home. (I live off a left hand exit) The procession was over 6 miles long and with no police escort, driving the way they were.... clearly someone else was going to die in an act of stupidity...

Just thought I'd share my driving woes.

life in the mom lane said...

Unfortunately this is how many people behave on a daily basis. In some way you have to feel sorry for them- they must live very bad lives to feel the need to behave that way- plus karma is a bitch... ;)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Phooey on that mean lady in the church parking lot. She needs a major attitude adjustment. I hope she found it. 12:34

Sally said...

I really don't understand people sometimes. That woman is just nut-so for making rude guestures in the CHURCH parking lot... that's just downright wrong (not that she should do it any other time, either....)

Hope this week is a better one for you!

CWMartin said...

Dear Skippy,
As a motorcyclist, you must understand that I have a sense of entitlement. Whether it be going twice the speed limit, squeezing through spaces that wopuld make a mid-level NASCAR driver think twice, or generally being loud and obnoxious, these are my rights, accrued simply by sitting on a motorcycle's seat. Glad we could clear that up.
Sincerely, Motorcyclist

Dear Skippy,
You simply must understand, that between getting my coconut creme pie into the bake sale before Evelyn Nottingham did is FAR more important than the accuracy of your parking. Furthermore, these kids have been in my hair all morning and I simply HAVE to dump them off on the Sunday school teacher ASAP. I know it may have seemed rude of me to gesture like that, but as the Holy Father lives in Italy, consider it a blessing.
Sincerley, Woman in SUV.

Dear Skippy,
Thank you for the patience you have had with certain select members of the human race. While energy is far too expensive these days to use lightning bolts on such people, be assured that somewhere along the way they will find a package in their Cheerios.
Sincerely, God

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at that last comment - perfect!

So glad you are still among the living, but bummed that Oscar isn't getting more use - hopefully you'll feel better this week!!

Yum Yucky said...

Wait a minute. I am also a "Woman in the Enormous White SUV". Has my evil clone got loose again? I do appall-ogize.

re: That lovely, lovely postcard that made me smile. Greedy Baby has claimed it for herself. She puts it in her purse and takes it to daycare.

Celia said...

Yikes! I'm glad no one was hurt. I hope your days go better.