Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bargains, Bargains, Bargains

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did shopping for the bargains.

Here goes:
In the above picture we have THREE absolute bargains - and Juli what WERE you thinking girl? I'm still giggling trying to imagine. :D
Number one is Pooldad's shirt - $5.00 new at Maxway's.  It a Russel Athletic shirt in Squirrel's college colors. Number two is the sweater I have on from JC Penny's. Again, $5.00 new!  So versatile and cool on a warm day. You should check out the bargains at JC Penny's for the month of August - all of their warm weather clothing is drastically reduced. Wonderful.  I also picked up a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt for $9.

Then the best - my sunglasses!  Which are prescription and I bought them with 3 other pair of eye glasses for the amazingly low total [incl. shipping] of $100.07! And they are NICE glasses.

I bought them from  Thank you Sapphireblue for the recommendation. SO GREAT!
Wearing the sunglasses
Gold rimmed single vision, pink bifocal and black single vision.
I had 1,500 options to choose from. I gave up after 3 hours and picked these. 
If you wear prescription lenses I beg of you to PLEASE go to Zennioptical.  Their glasses start at $6.95 and the most expensive pair are $47.95.  The bifocals and sunglass tint were an additional $5.00 each. BARGAIN of the CENTURY Tadpoles. I'm telling ya'. :)

Now, onto Goodwill in Orange, VA and Charlottesville, VA:

A 100% red wool dress coat. Velvet trimmed collar  Perfect condition - $9.00
I love this coat. I may never take this coat off.
I can dress it down with blue jeans and sweaters or dress it up for Christams.
A blue crepe dress, with matching blue leather shoes and a blue leather handbag. 
Total cost? $9.50  
The shoes and purse have never been worn/used and the dress is, again, in perfect condition.

Okay, below is scary picture time. 
I was really tired at this point [It was 2 am. Wallene and me - at it again.]
A 1950's hand tailored black wool coat, with a peter pan collar and bow in the back.
This coat is so heavy and warm I will never be cold again. It is lined in silk. No snags, tears, stains - perfect condition, including tags and buttons.
Price? $7.50
I know. I about fainted in the store too. heehee
All the clothes, the shoes and coats are very traditional - but they fit me well and are "my" style for when I want to dress up.

I have more deals I bought at JC Penny's and 5 Below but no pictures - and bargains without pictures [no matter how bad] are no fun.  OH! I almost forgot - 2 pair of leather sandals for $12.00 at Burlington.  With a $10 purse at Payless.

I may have to break out the camera again after all. heehee

So until the next time - we'll see ya' on the flipside!


Lyndylou said...

Oh how I love a bargain! That is just the best kind of shopping :) Loved it all. You look good my friend despite all you are going through :)

Jeannie said...

Wow! You did SO well! My daughter is great at getting deals too.

I don't know about buying glasses online - I need to try them on to see because my head doesn't work for most - even the same general style - I just don't know how that would work. Not to mention that one ear is higher than the other and I need that adjustment or I look like I'm on a bender.

I love those coats. my my my. I was going to say I don't even own a long dress coat but I do - Gary picked it up used - blue suede with a fur collar - I've worn it maybe twice in 10 years. That's one thing about being a mature age - you aren't required to keep everything up to the minute style wise. But then these days, just about anything goes anyway. My daughter does the retro look very well.

Yart said...

I love love love your new red coat.... It is so very pretty!

CWMartin said...

I woulda had all three right! Why didn't I send my guess in?

Gypsy said...

You really got some good bargains! I wouldn't have thought about ordering glasses online - what do you do if they need an adjustment?

ellen abbott said...

once my husband gets his new prescription, I may send him to that website.

Rudee said...

Love that black coat the best with its fancy little bow. It strikes my fancy and it fits you so well!

Tracy said...

I thought you weren't allowed to buy anymore sweaters? Lol

Southhamsdarling said...

Can't believe what wonderful bargains you got there my friend! Love, love the red coat and the dress and the shoes, and they all look so good on you. Can't believe that you were taking photos at 2 a.m.!! Those prices for the prescription glasses look amazing. My glasses cost me so much, usually £300 - £400 for the lenses i have, and that is very much the norm over here! Great to see the fashion parade today, and to see you looking so good. Hugs to you from across the pond x

Unknown said...

That were some great bargains you got there, and yeyyy on the glasses :) I enjoyed to see all the clothes today and the red coat is just lovely and it all looks good on you. Enjoy your day my friend xx

Celia said...

I'm glad you are loving your glasses. is a great site. I've ordered from them twice and about to order from them again.

Unknown said...

You got some awesome bargains and you look great in the photos you've shown. Love to find deals like that!

SkippyMom said...

SHHHHHH. It's WINTER sweaters I am not allowed to buy. giggle

Mystic Mud said...

Wow - awesome deals!! I love a good deal, hearing about good deals and seeing pictures of good deals.....awesome post!! Even though we are at Goodwill ALL the time I don't check for clothes (for me) very often because I'm so hard to fit (too tall - and it seems only the shorter chicks donate to, but I see lots of cute stuff there that I WISH they had in my size....I'm glad that you get to score some cute deals even if I can't - I resort to the mens section for t-shirts and!!