Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Forced Vacation

When Mother Nature takes her electricity, what's a girl to do?

Why she packs up her perishables [in a cooler full of ice] and heads to the country where, blissfully, they did not lose power.

Yeppers!  We went on vacation a week early. ::GRIN::  As you all probably know by now the east coast was slapped upside it's purty little head Friday night and the result was millions of dollars in damage and no power for many.  We knew when we went to bed Friday night we had no power -  so-o-o-o-o when we woke up Saturday morning it wasn't a hard decision to pack up and head to our family's vacation home in the country.
So quiet and relaxing:
 Can't beat a screened in back porch with a ceiling fan gently cooling the afternoon heat:
[This pic' is from last summer. There's my boy, Scooby. Miss him. :/]
The view from the deck.
The ninth green:
The view in the evening over looking the horse pasture toward the mountains:
It was nice while it lasted, but Pooldad does have to work this week. When we found out the power was restored this morning we packed up and returned home.

A big, hearty thank you to Mother Nature for giving us an impromptu mini vacation and for not causing too much damage to our home and those of our friends and neighbors.

We'll see ya' on the flipside of yet another 100 degree day.  Stay cool in the pond Tadpoles. :)


Teresa said...

glad everything is OK in your area. i was wondering about you. watched the news this morning and they were talking about how only about 60-65% of customers had power restored. some won't get power back (they said) until this weekend.

i'm headed to WA to see the babies. can't wait! take care...

Southhamsdarling said...

Oh, how lovely that you got to have a little mini vacation like that dear Skippy! The photos are gorgeous. Just look at that sunset!! It does look SO peaceful and inviting. No wonder you all just love going there. Hopefully you will be going up there again during this summer. I'm glad that you're all safe. The weather seems to be doing very strange and unusual things all over the world at the moment :(

Celia said...

I'm glad you are okay after those terrible storms and that the electricity is back. The scenery of the mini vacation looks lovely!

colenic said...

I thought of you...my brother is out of power still...hopefully to be restored today or tomorrow. Luckily, my parents are on the same grid as Ft. meade so they were restored quickly (only twelve hours). hugs to you and the fam...looks gorgeous!!

Mystic Mud said...

I'm so glad that you guys are okay and that you had such a beautiful and cool place to go:)

Juli said...

I'm so sad you can't live there year round. Looks fabulous. :)

ellen abbott said...

Nice that you had that place to go to. I'm glad you came through the storm OK.

Unknown said...

Looks like a lovely and relaxing getaway place. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Jeannie said...

Way to make lemonade!

I stayed away from all news sources over the past while so I had no idea the power was out anywhere. Glad it went well for you.

Tracy said...

What a nice view and the screens keep the bugs out but not the view!

Sally said...

Darn it! I had a nice comment typed out and somehow I lost it!

We lost power Friday night, too. Luckily, we had it back within about 14 hours and had a generator to run our fridge and extra freezeer while the power was out!