Thursday, February 2, 2012

Truth is Thursday. . .

Truth is. . .our baby called Sunday. She was missing us. [We both cried.]

Truth is. . .I sucked it up and we roadtripped to JMU for lunch and shopping.

Truth is. . .The Texas Roadhouse restaurant is incredibly overpriced for mediocre food.  The only thing not frozen or out of a can was a Caesar salad we ordered.  Kind of a let down for $80.  I should also point out that I did not order anything.  Only the kids and Pooldad did.

Truth is.  . .it was wonderful to see her, as always, but I need to get much, much better before I attempt a car trip like that again.

Truth is.  . .in an attempt to get better I went to another new doctor today.

Truth is.  . .they refused to see me because I did not have a picture ID.  I had my insurance card, but no ID. No appointment.

Truth is. . .I do not have a valid picture ID because I do not drive.  Ever. And I see no reason to have a state issued "walker's ID" so please don't even suggest it.

Truth is. . .I am 45 years old and I have NEVER been asked for a picture ID to be seen by a doctor.

Truth is.  . .they were incredibly rude about it [well, from what I could understand through their heavily accented English.]  Having three different people tell me the same thing does not mitigate the fact that I was pissed off.

Truth is. . .we won't be going back there.  I am still mad.

Truth is. . .now we have to find another doctor tomorrow.  This requires me working up the energy to get ready to leave the house again.

Truth is. . .I used to be able to shower, do my hair and get dressed in under 30 minutes.  Now it takes 2 hours.

Truth is. . .I just want to feel like ME again.

Have a good weekend Tadpoles.  Pooldad has a 4 day weekend! Yippee!


Jeannie said...

$80 is a lot for processed food isn't it? So many restaurants are like that now- I hate the chains

But YAY for a midweek visit!

Sorry about the ID thing. My mother had the same trouble when she gave up driving. But now our health cards have pictures so she's good. They used to have an Age of Majority card here - to be used as picture id for bars and voting - I have no idea if it's still out there for non-drivers. My daughter had to use her passport for a while when she lost her ID.

I hope you find a new doc - and one that isn't so pissy. It may be that they had some fraud going on and got stuck for the payments themselves and don't want a repeat.

Juli said...

Honestly, I hate going out to dinner now a days. So much money and the kids are always still hungry when we get home.

Even Wendy's and McD's run us upwards of $40.

Get some rest darlin'... so glad you remembered it was Thursday....

I didn't. :)

ellen abbott said...

How terrible! I've been brushed off by a doctor because we didn't have insurance and who was convinced we couldn't afford the procedure without really talking to us but I've never ever been asked for a picture ID before I could see a doctor. What the hell was that supposed to prove? That you were in fact who you said you were? this country is in serious trouble and it isn't about the national debt.

Rudee said...

The law here requires photo ID, but if it is not available, we take a sworn written statement.

Southhamsdarling said...

Truth is - I just want you to be well again also. Everything you do must be just so frustrating for you. I admire how you manage to keep your sense of humour so well. Not sure that I would be as good in your circumstances. What a pain in the ... about the ID photo requirement. Honestly, anything they can do to make things hard for you. Grrrrr!! Hope you manage to find a Doctor who will be able to give you some positive news. Hugs coming your way from across the pond xx (Poor Squirrel, missing you, and that was great that you made the roadtrip to meet up with her. I know how you would have had to pay the price afterwards.

Tracy said...

I had to show picture id when I took Whitney to have surgery last month and she had to show hers. I think she even had to show hers when she had her blood work done before hand.

I'm sure with all the healthcare law changes that may have been slipped in. I'd make you a photo ID but I'm not sure how official the "House of Tracy" would be.

laughingmom said...

Just FYI - There is no federal law requiring a picture ID to be seen at a physician practice. There was talk of doing this several years ago but it did not happen. The practice you dealt with must have an internal requirement for this. But they are just being asses if they wouldn't see you as a patient considering your medical conditions. (The hubby does this for a living.)p.s. he agrees that they are asses

Celia said...

I know that in our hospital we've had a problem of people coming in pretending to be someone else. Then, the real person will get billed. That might be one reason? The rudeness is not excusable though.

Teresa said...

:( that does suck. Kansas has a state ID for those who don't drive. too darn many places want a picture ID. Bank of America (blech) will do a picture on your debit card... Go open an account, get your picture taken, get the card, close the account. hehehe! use it for ID purposes.

sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly. good luck with the doctor search.

Biz said...

Sucks to waste money when the food doesn't match the price tag.

I went to my doctor appointment today, they just switched to electronic files, and guess what I had to provide to them??

A PICTURE I.D. and my insurance card - I don't think I've ever had to give a picture i.d. before - so crazy.

HOORAY FOR A 4 DAY WEEKEND! Get some rest - hugs! Biz

Yum Yucky said...

((sigh)) I don't like this stuff you have to deal with. None of it. :(