Monday, November 14, 2011


Just one of those days where I have a lot on my mind, but nothing of such profound importance to actual throw together a coherent post about it.

Instead - I just thought I'd share the things I have been thinking about since I woke up at 3 pm.

  • Yes, that does say I woke up 3 pm.  I have screwed up my sleep cycle and now my body thinks we are on the night shift.  I fall asleep around 7 am and sleep until 3 pm.  Which, in the scheme of things, is good because I am getting 8 hours [unheard of for me, usually] but I miss out on spending mornings with Wallene and Pooldad.
  • How come, if I am eating so healthy - and I am - my face is still breaking out?  I never had this kind of problem in High School, but bah!  This just sucks.  I have my teenagers giving ME skin tips. It's depressing.  Thank goodness Pooldad loves me. heehee
  • Duke Mom #1 [waving!] wanted to know what I am doing for protein on this [almost] non existent sodium meal plan.  Good question - the fact is I can eat lean pork loin [3 oz serving] and boneless, skinless chicken breast because both are below 50 mg per serving for sodium.  Also - and a HUGE bonus for my tuna loving behind - I found Starkist low sodium canned white albacore tuna.  It is only 35 mg per 1/4 cup serving [about 1/2 a can] which makes me a very happy Skippy.
  • For the last 3 days I have kept my sodium intake below 75 mg per day and so far I have shed 3 lbs of water - but - and it is a big but - I have to now limit my liquid intake.  I only drink two things since I gave up carbonation a month ago, and that is water and mint tea.  Most people need 64 ounces of water a day, but not me.  I will retain it.  So what's a girl to do?  I was told to "be creative" managing my liquid intake.  I got your creative ::sarcasm drip:: I have taken to sucking on hard candy to keep my tongue from sticking to the roof of my mouth.
  • Speaking of sodium [bored yet? yep, me too] I am glad that a lot of you don't salt your food or even own a salt shaker, but after keeping my sodium under 1000 mg a day for over 18 months I have to tell you - please don't think it is making a bit of difference..Unless you were shaking a teaspoon worth on your meal [that is 2,300 mg - and just gross btw], you really don't save yourself much. Sure it sounds good, but it has a nominal effect on your overall, daily sodium intake if you do any of the following:  eat out, drink soda, drink alcohol, eat canned vegetables, eat canned soup, eat frozen dinners, eat processed foods [like rice a roni, Kraft mac & cheese, Cup O' Noodles, ramen] pizza [frozen or delivery] or consume a lot of bread.  They changed the guidelines this past year and a healthy adult's maximum sodium intake per day should not exceed 1,500 mg.  That is ONE meal at any fast food restaurant or sit down restaurant.  Bizzy made a great comment on my last post [waving again!] and said she tracked her sodium intake for one day [and this woman eats HEALTHY and is a GREAT cook, believe me] and she was shocked to see she had consumed 5,500 mg a day.  I am not saying everyone needs to be at 1,500 mg - sodium does have it's benefits - but go online and check your favorite meal at your local chain or pick up a can of vegetables or salad dressing and just see what it is you are consuming.
  • This is the FIRST time since being diagnosed and released from the hospital in May 2010 that I have retained this type of water [in my stomach and now legs].  From what I understand that isn't bad, especially considering I am not taking a single medication for CHF.
  • Okay - I am done chatting about sodium.  You're welcome. heehee
  • Does the following bug anyone else? We all know I am weird, but tell me if this bothers you too.  I gave myself a manicure on Saturday.  I removed all my finger and toe nail polish, trimmed them, filed them and then painted my fingernails.  For two days I walked around without my toenails painted and it was BUGGING the crap out of me [I know. I know. Weird. Told you.] The biggest problem is I have a hard time reaching my toes because of the water retention in my tummy [think pregnant belly - that's me] - plus I fear getting put back in the hospital [big possibility I am trying not to think about] and the nurses talking about how ugly my toes are. [I heard them do this with my Mom when she was sick. It is a real fear of mine.]  I needed to paint my nails.  This afternoon, after I woke up, I managed it and can now breath easy that my toes match my fingers.  And I will be a well groomed patient with teenage acne. giggle
See?  I told you all this stuff was completely random and non coherent, but it's been on my mind so I share with you!  Aren't you lucky?


Jeannie said...

As I've said before - I don't eat a lot of processed food - or bread - and I am totally aware of the salt in restaurant food as I generally need to drink a gallon of water after consuming anything like that and then walk around bloated for 24 hours and then I pee and pee...

I do love to have my toenails painted although now that I wear socks and shoes instead of sandals, I don't notice there's no polish until bedtime. My fingernails don't get painted as much because they are always breaking and the polish doesn't last very long with the crap I get into.

As for acne - I get one pimple every month just before my period.
Usually where I have the deepest wrinkle.

Knitty said...

I knew there was sodium in processed food but had no idea it was that bad. I am going to check out Bizzy's blog now.

I rarely paint my fingernails because I can't keep polish on them, but my toes need all the beautification they can get!

Juli said...

I think everyone should look at what they eat on a daily basis.

It's frightening.

laughingmom said...

You have gained all of that knowledge about sodium as a self-health preservation requirement and I applaud you for sharing it!! I can't imagine the struggles that you endure and find your outlook so amazing. I have the opposite fight for my daughter's health - her pressure is too low and so we push fluids and salt all of the time - weird hunh?

Celia said...

I think it's like when you're close to having your kids, you worry about if your legs are shaven although the person delivering the baby has probably seen worse.

Good luck on the sodium counts. I know that's tough.

Teresa said...

no canned veggies or processed(packaged) foods (mac n cheese, rice dishes, potato dishes, etc), and only low sodium soup (no sodium added if i can find it). i've cut out a lot of the things that ron ate that had hidden sodium in them and he's gotten used to it. but, with the medications he takes for all the other crap in his disease list, we have to watch the sodium and potassium intake - and walk a fine line between getting enough (because of the diuretics he has to take) and getting too much. thankfully, he's doing much better overall.

fresh... fresh... fresh... that's how most of the meals around our house are planned. eating out is a treat now - not something that happens on a regular basis.

Rebecca said...

wow and i thought my diet was rough trying to manage sodium,carbs and protein but to limit liquid i would suffer i can't live without at least 6 glasses of water most days a drink a gallon of water. that would kill me for sure.

colenic said...

Hugs to you...thinking of you and sending positive vibes and lots of love to all of you..

Yum Yucky said...

You sold be the spokesperson for low sodiumism. I hear you and, yes, I'm paying attention.

Julie said...

Random and incoherent............... that's NORMAL for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Waving back Skippy!! As we speak I am eating 1 ounce of "lightly" salted almonds, and you'll be happy to know its only 40 mg of sodium!

Hugs to you - and happy your toes match your fingers! :D

Anonymous said...

Sending warm hugs to you my friend!
Get better soon x

Tracy said...

Middle aged acne is worse than teenage acne. I got it when I turned 40. Welcome to middle age my face said. And my dermatologist is now my best friend. At least my pocketbook thinks so.