Thursday, June 10, 2010

No, These Are Not Your Pants

Last night Pooldad and I were busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. At one point he stood back and looked me up and down.

When I asked what he was doing he inquired why was I wearing his pants?

Well, I wasn't wearing his pants.
I was wearing a pair of mine.
That don't fit.
That appear as though I am wearing his pants because my pants are so baggy.

This is driving me bananas. I cannot gain weight. No matter how I try I am stuck at 118 lbs. I have nothing to wear to Squirrel's banquets or her graduation - nothing decent to wear to greet her prom date next weekend - heck I was lucky to find a pair of her shorts to wear to DC this weekend.

[The following has a point, please bear with me. Thanks!]

I read a lot of different blogs - Quilting, crafts, Moms, RVing and a few weight loss blogs. The weight loss blogs are so inspiring because these folks really seem to be trying to better their lives and their health - but I also learn stuff too which, to me, is the best part of blogging.

This past weekend I was reading one weight loss blog and a young lady from Alaska was talking about how many calories it would take to maintain her weight of 300 lbs. Now, she doesn't want to be 300 lbs so she is trying to figure out how many calories to lose - but started out figuring how much she was eating to stay at 300 lbs. Turns out 3,000 calories to maintain - eating less would, obviously, help her lose weight.

I took the information from her blog and Googled "Basal Metabolic Rate" [BMR] to figure how many calories I needed to maintain 118 lbs - so I would know how many to add so I could gain.

I was depressed after doing this. Because? I have no idea how to eat more than I am.

Check this out:

Based on my height, weight and age I would have to eat the following just to stay at my current weight:

Couch potato - no activity: 1600 calories
Mildly active - light housework, walking the dogs: 1800 calories
Moderately active - more strenous housework, walking around DC for the afternoon - 2000 calories

With a low sodium diet there is no way to add to these kind of calories and gain weight. I would say I am midly active - the DC type trip is a once a month kind of thing, not a daily happening - but to have to add to 1800 calories while eating healthy? Not happening. I do eat a lot and with all I do eat I am stuffed after every meal. In fact sometimes I don't even want to eat because I am still not hungry from my previous meal. Although I am getting all my nutrients [vitamins, etc.] what I eat is not very high in calories.

I have some friends that say "Oh go ahead and splurge - eat that Big Mac Meal and you'll gain it back soon enough." And as much as I would LOVE to do that [Big Macs? mmmmmm] I can't. The result is water retention brought on by the enormous levels of sodium - Then I retain water in my lungs and I can't breath. For example - I had a large slice of pizza on Saturday and then an all beef hot dog, bun and beans for dinner [in addition to a low sodium breakfast and snacks] and I was so uncomfortable in bed that night because of the fluid retention. I had to fall asleep sitting up.

I even tried the shakes - but they fill me up so much I can't eat regular food so they don't even work.

In the meantime I am told that my weight is unhealthy and I need to eat more - but no one seems to be able to tell me how to do it.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I don't have an answer, as I can't seem to lose weight. I consider myself to be very active. Before I unlock the store door at 11 am I have usually done a couple loads of laundry, swept amd mopped my store and sometimes my house and cleaned the pool area and the restrooms. After I lock up at 7 pm I spend the next two hours mowing sites or weeding garden beds. I mow every third day and I think I will buy another pedometer to see how many miles I walk a day (mowed over the last one). With all the activity you would think I would get hungry, but I only eat sometimes because I am feeling light headed. All this to say that genetics play a huge role in our body types and metabolism. If you are feeling well at the weight you are at, then try not to worry about a number on the scale.

Teresa said...

Kathy - you probably don't eat enough so your body is hoarding every calorie it gets and that's why you may not be losing. Try a meal replacement shake (or even instant breakfast) to grab in between things.

Skippy - I wish I had an answer for you. I won't say that I wish I was in your shoes but I would love to have trouble gaining for a while (instead of trouble losing).

RVVagabond said...

Checking low sodium recipe sites I found this:

Perhaps there's something tasty there to pique your interest and appetite. If hugs were fattening my long distance hugs would cause you to gain 30 pounds!

qandlequeen said...

I actually know exactly what you're talking about as I spent the first half of my life being the skinniest person in the room (98-105 lbs) and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. I can't imagine being restrained by dietary restrictions. I've doubled my weight only by the good graces of every damn person on the face of the planet wishing it on me oh and hormones might have had a hand too.

The answer may be in not thinking about it. Focus on what you can do and master the low sodium aspect then worry about adding a few pounds. It sounds like you have a larger problem with finding satisfying meals. Once you find what you like and doesn't hurt you then you can load up on that.

Good luck. We all want you healthy and happy.

Rudee said...

Instead of weight loss sites, look at what body builders eat to put on weight and mass. Many eat low sodium diets to prevent the fluid and sodium issues. If you have kidney issues, you'd have to watch all that protein, but hopefully, there's a way to do it.

TinaM said...

Oh how I wish I could help you! I know ALL ABOUT how to gain weight, but not on a sodium restricted diet! I was just in my fridge looking at different stuff to suggest... and there is so much sodium in everything!!! Wow!

What I don't have is milk in the fridge right now... does that have a lot of sodium? If not maybe you could start drinking whole milk??? Milk shakes???

Even though you have the opposite problem as me, it is no less a problem if you are not happy at your weight. I hope you can figure something out!!!

PS: I'm glad your tadpoles made you change that last sentence :)