Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Rain Sucks. . .

. . .and so does this low sodium diet.

But first the rain. Grrrrrr.

We awoke bright and early this morning for our great trip to look at the house one more time and then go strawberry picking with later plans to make jam. The closer we got to our two destinations the harder it rained.

Strike one: The roads were flooded from all the rain. Couldn't make it up to the house in the minivan. Hence, we need to keep looking for another home because evidently the Shenandoah is a lot closer to the roads in this "neighborhood" than I thought. [This isn't why the rain sucks, tho' - just the way it is.] And aren't we glad we know this now.

Strike two: The rains were torrential and they closed the farm where we were going to pick. Understandable. . . yes, but now what were we going to make jam with?

Strike three: No jam making today.

Of course it was sunny by the time we arrived home. Is that not always the way?

One very big bright spot was the little store and deli we stopped at where we bought Wallene a club sandwich. Which brings me to why sodium diets suck so bad. [Sorry, I simply do not have another word to use today - suck is pretty much working really well for me right now. Again, my apologies.]

Wallene was gracious enough to offer me a bite - and tadpoles? My tastebuds did the happy dance of LOVE. I have no idea if it was because that one bite contained my daily limit of sodium [1000 mg] or it was simply the best freakin' sandwich bite I have ever eaten. It was homemade by the nicest little lady, with smoked bacon [oh!] real turkey breast [gasp!] and honey ham [sigh!] and the kicker? Honest to goodness mayonnaise. [Please keep in mind I hate mayo - but not today].

Try limiting sodium for a few months and then biting into something as gastronomically incredible as this sandwich. If I didn't know how much pain I would be in a few hours later I would have turned the van around and gone back. And ordered two. And another for tomorrow.

But I was good. No actually I was afraid. heehee - I never ever want to swell up like the blueberry girl in "Willie Wonka" again because it hurts. A lot. And no amount of salty, yummy smoked meat with real mayo [weep!] was going to make me do it.

As an added torture bonus? We passed my very favoritest of all fast food restaurants on our drive home - Roy Rogers. They are very scarce anymore in the US, in fact VA only has 3, but wouldn't you know - one is right on our path home - and we passed it. I asked Pooldad to stop but he knew at that point I was weak from the "Battle of the Club Sandwich" [at least in my mind] and he talked me off that ledge. Sigh.

Wallene and I did salvage part of the day with a rousing game of 500 rummy. The kid's a shark I tell ya', but I am ahead just a smidge. We will finish after she is done walking the dogs.

Wish me luck.


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

I sure am glad Pooldad talked you off of the's hard and yes it sucks but ya gotta be good. Strange thing to share with you. You know I have pneumonia, well the steroids they put me on....has shrunk the cysts on my wrists.....huh? am I imagining it? Nope SM says for once I am on the level....not gone mind you but about half the size they were before. Hmmmmmm, I'm gonna hafta think on this.
Sorry abou the rain but yay that you got to see a problem with the house you would not have seen otherwise.
You'll be jamming soon...betcha.

TinaM said...

Yes, sometimes rain sucks. Today it was a blessing in disguise though because you got to see how it affected the house. Better now rather than after you had moved in!
Good luck with your game :)

RVVagabond said...

Better the "s" word than the "f" word, methinks. Rain on the weekend is crappy for worker bees who only have those two days to be out and about doing fun things, but as TinaM said, better to find out now about the house/driveway problem. So back to virtual house hunting for you!

Sorry about being rained out of strawberry picking. The season is so short we always gorge ourselves on fresh berries. I no longer have the room or patience for the jam making process.

You ARE going to let the kid win, aren't you? Skippy?

word vert: abractif A nice abractif before a low sodium dinner helped whet Skippy's appetite. Yeah, it's a stretch. Deal with it.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I wonder if you'll lose your love of salty foods, if you just go long enough without eating them? I used to be a mayonnaise FREAK. I would put it on everything, including Fritos and I'm not kidding. While trying to lose weight (gee, I can't imagine why I'd want to lose weight, being on the mayo diet. . .) I cut out all mayo and now it just doesn't taste as good to me anymore.

That club sandwich, however, made my mouth water.

Rudee said...

Well, I think the rains were no mistake. You meant to see what that looks like. I've been to Virginia in the spring and I know what those rains can be like.

Onward in your search. The perfect house is waiting for you.

I cannot imagine living on such a restricted sodium diet like you do. It can't be easy, but like you said, the alternative is worse.

As for your issue with the blog, Wallene needs her own google account. I know this is an issue because I take care of my friends blog (created it and post her posts for her). I had to create her own account for her.

life in the mom lane said...

I hate it when a day goes wrong like that :(
Kick her butt Skippy!!!

Yum Yucky said...

I freakin' LOVE rummy! And "gastronmically incredible" sounds so sinister-lovely. xoxo