Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Skippy Foibles - Or Reason #284 Why This Isn't My Fault

You guys know I am always doing goofy things that result in injury or pain, right?

Well, I have a new injury [no pain involved]. And it is all because I laughed too hard.

Can  you actually laugh TOO hard?

I now know that you can.

But, laughing should not cause damage, right?

In Skippyland it evidently does.

Pooldad and I were sitting around last night after the kids went to bed and we started to talk about our favorite "Saturday Night Live" skits.  We were laughing about the best of them.

This led me to trying to find them online.

Gotta love heehee

I came across a skit with Jimmy Fallon and Robert Deniro that made me laugh so hard I literally had ginger ale bubbling out of my nose.  I am not kidding.  Straight shot from my mouth right through the nostrils.  I am surprised I didn't wake the kids up with my laughter and the subsequent choking.  Believe me, you will choke on that.  Goodness knows it took a lot of paper towels to clean that mess up.

[You're welcome for the mental pic'.]

What I discovered this morning was even more fun!  While talking to the girls Squirrel piped up and asked, "Mom what did you do to your eye?"  I said I didn't know and went to look.

Nice .... seems I popped a blood vessel in my eye from laughing so hard.  Now I have a great big blood spot next to my iris - so attractive! [Vogue, call - I have a new look!]

[Yes, you are welcome for the second, graphic mental pic'.]

I am used to pulling muscles from laughing, but never have I busted a vessel in MY EYE doing it.

I blame Jimmy and Robert.

[See? NOT my fault.  I told you so.]


sapphireblue said...

Wow! I hope it's not bothering you.

Jeannie said...

Don't you just love looking in the mirror and discovering that Satan took your soul while you were sleeping?

I loved SNL but once I had kids, I could never stay up late enough to watch it. Truly my loss.

colenic said...

The good news is that it goes away...and you get to look like a crazy lady for a little while :)
I used to do that from getting sick (graphic image back at ya) so it will take a couple of weeks for the blood to reabsorb but you will look good as new soon!!! hugs to you!

lyndylou said...

Like Colenic, I burst many a blood vessel in my eyes and on my face with being sick but never with laughing! But I have pulled many a muscle laughing so hard and nearly peeing myself. You gotta love this getting old lark ;)

ellen abbott said...

I blame the ginger ale.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

lol! the visual is quite funny.

sorry your eye is sore, though.

Greenmare said...

totally not your fault, and how about "knock knock, who's there? Laaand shark"

Viva said...

hahaha I do stuff like that all the time - I'll wake up to a giant bruise, and have no clue where it came from!

Anonymous said...

Hi Skippy,
I'm finally back home again!
I don't mind having pains from laughing - it's good to laugh and often. Hope that you're not in too much pain though ;)
Enjoy your day!

Knitty said...

Have you seen the sign/quote "sometimes I laugh so hard tears run down my leg"? ;-D

Thisisme. said...

Oh Skippy, you really are a scream! What are we going to do with you?! How wonderful that you and Pooldad can laugh like that together :) Hope your eye gets better soon, but keep on laughing my friend!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Well, they DO say laughter is like exercise for your insides, but I never actually heard of anybody "exercising" so hard they popped a blood vessel. Yowza. That musta been SOME laughing. (magical ginger ale)