Friday, November 14, 2008

You Aren't Leaving this Blog Without A Smile on Your Face

Another one of my new found blog loves over at EONYC clued me in on the well known secret that yes, Skippy, you CAN watch the Muppets on

Can I just tell you my whole week, nay, dare I say MONTH was made?

If this does not make your Friday a much happier place to be then you are:

1. Either a much, much younger person then I am [although our kidlets get a kick out of it crankypants so don't pull the ageism card on me buster] or. . .
2. You really are the aforementioned crankypants or even, perhaps. . .
3. You have no sense of humor or imagination whatsoever. Which would make me sad, but not when I get to watch this:

Knowing the six people that may be reading my blog today I know I caught you smiling! HA! Happy Friday y'all. Now try to go around work today not singing "Mahna na na"! LOL. Is there [really] anything better than this? :D um...don't answer that in comments please. Don't make me come out there and moderate.

PS - No PoolDad - I did not put the "Beaker's Mimi" up here. Asthma attack inducing videos are not conducive to times when you are not in residence. tyvm.

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Amy said...

Love the muppets! We bought the DVD collection at Costco (the motherland) a year or so ago. We have been secretly replacing shows like Dora and Diego for a little Kermit. Thanks for the giggle.