Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quiet Little Angry

Skippy is not happy. And LOOK! it took me less then a month to post cranky.

At the beginning of every school year we are asked to sign a form that allows our children to be photographed in the public school atmosphere. The purpose of this is for use in vocational videos [to use in the county], the yearbook, class activities, etc. Nowhere does it mention that your child can be photographed for professional purposes for RESALE. I sign this because the candid shots and the team photographs in the yearbook are nice to have for the kids.


We returned home from the Marching Band Dinner Banquet tonight with a lovely picture taken of our oldest - full band uniform regalia, marching at competition. This picture is gorgeous and literally brought tears to my eyes.

Upon inspection I discovered that the picture was professionally taken. Fine and thank you for the gift. Then I noticed that the website was printed on the back of the picture. I went to the website to check it out and there is my baby - along with 300 other pictures of her bandmates - FOR SALE at the photographer's website.

I signed for her to be photographed for school use as stated above - NEVER was anything mentioned that she would be placed on the internet FOR SALE. I would have NEVER, EVER allowed her to be photographed at all had I known that I did not have complete control over what is posted, reprinted or SOLD[?] of her image on the internet.

Granted, she is beautiful in her band uniform and it is quite an innocuous picture [not revealing etc]. But, BUT it is MY CHILD and no one is going to use my child in anyway, shape or form. I did not agree to this and I am madder than heck.

I am so mad and unfortunately it is midnight, otherwise this gentleman would be getting an earful from me regarding posting MY CHILD's picture on the internet for SALE.

I know not all of you have kids, but you have to understand what a violation this is. People are welcome to go and make their living - doing what they do - but these are minor children and they should not be allowed to violate the agreement the parents signed at the beginning of the year simply to profit.

Can you imagine if the flag corps parents discover that their daughters are on his website? Believe me - their uniforms nowhere near cover what my daughter's does. They are very pretty and tasteful, but they are basically cheerleading uniforms. Cute and with a purpose, but I don't think the flag corps Moms I know signed up for this either.

I hate, hate, hate this.

UPDATE: I spoke to the photographer this morning [Saturday] and although he was a bit surprised by my request he did remove her picture. :D


Yvo said...

He was surprised? Does he have his head in his @$$? WTF? I don't have kids, but I'd be LIVID if this happened!!! I do NOT appreciate anyone taking my picture without my permission (and it's happened, multiple times at food blogger dinners, then I have to be play the firm but pleasant bitch about it... and they think I'm crazy sometimes!). Actually a "friend" in high school had the balls to scan the pictures we'd taken together and then send them to everyone in her chatroom to ask them to rate us against each other. Uhhh... yeah, ok there buddy! Ridiculous.

SkippyMom said...

Glad you put "friend" in quotes, 'cause I am assuming she isn't a friend anymore. Who the heck would do that? Rate???

I am just glad I got him to take it down. I was pretttttty mad at midnight the other morning. In fact the post was originally titled "seething", hee! but I calmed down and just simmered until I could call him.

Gail said...

Good for you. We have a photographer that does that for the football team. It is for those that are unable to photograph the game. You can buy a collection of your child throughout the season.
In our small town this is a blessing.
I can understand your position. I had not thought of it that way. The internet is open to the world.

Yvo said...

Well, I was a pretty b*tchy 18 year old, and there were two other friends' pictures also involved who were too chicken to say anything to the perp, so I called her up with the two scared friends (who told me about it in the first place - supposedly I'd ranked very poorly, which is "why" they didn't tell me about it... um, yeah, if you saw us, dream on!), and threatened to sue her if she didn't cease and desist immediately. HAHAHAHA... unlawful use of images I guess? I don't know exactly but needless to say, our friendship fizzled right out. :)
With friends like that, though...? NO THANKS!