Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Seven

Seven things I would like to see accomplished today:

1. Clean off my dining room table.
I have the most awesome dining room table. Unfortunately it is huge - great for Thanksgiving, bad for our daily life as we set everything on it and it simply piles up. Schoolwork, paperwork, bills, banking stuff, 2 computers, a printer, the phone, the camera, a gift basket I haven't sent yet. You get the idea. Drives me batty, but it has to be done.

2. Clean off my kitchen table.
Okay, before you judge, there is no junk, paperwork or misc. on my kitchen table. I am a better housekeeper than that. It just has a bunch of food I need to put in the pantry. But that requires that I......

3. Clean out the pantry.
To make room for the food on the kitchen table. [vicious cycle isn't it?]

4. Laundry
I will collect it and sort it today, but I am out of laundry soap. So I need to.....

5. Make more laundry soap.
It takes one day to thicken, so we will do laundry during the football games tomorrow. I think I may make lavendar laundry soap for us girls. The boys can suffer or if I am feeling industrious I will make either regular [non scent] or sandalwood.

6. Dust and vacuum my bedroom.
I love our cherrywood bedroom set which Skippyhusband picked out, but it shows dust the minute you finish dusting. Any suggestions about this one? I do dust this room after I vacuum, but am I using the wrong product? Cloth?

7. Clean out a large cabinet and a drawer in the kitchen.
I went shopping online for bento goodies yesterday [thanks Yvo!] and now that I have 40 pieces arriving on Monday I think I need a dedicated spot for it. It will be the cabinet/drawer next to the refrigerator. [If you want to bento - please, please go to that site - the stuff is so neat and cheap! woot!]

Feel free to nominate this post for the "Most Mundane Suburban Housewife Blog Ever Award".

Seriously, I think I just bored myself to tears, sniff.

I will add, after I finish it all, Before and After pics.
Do you think that might spice it up a bit and actually force me to do it?
Although, if you get a gander of my dining room table you might never want to visit me.

And that would be sad. sniff

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