Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks for Giving to Me

I chose one of the family camping trips to illustrate just how lucky I am..... Our youngest and Daddy
Thank you for marrying me and giving me my lil' sunshine.
I posted this because I can [ha!] and it makes me smile. Big!
Plus, notice we do not forget the tunes while camping?
[see the boombox in the background? yes?]
Honey? Shave, please!!

This is a composite.
Thank you for my beautiful daughter.
But, boy-o, thank you for the caffeine that is in that cup.
I could post a whole lot more, but right now I want to give thanks to these 3 - they make me happy to get up in the morning. They put a smile on my face the minute they walk in the door in the afternoon. And? They never cease to amaze me with how much they love me and let me know it is okay to not quite be "the Mom" I want to be.
They think I am close to perfect. Even if I don't believe them, it sure does make me feel good that they think so.
Thanksgiving is always for you Pooldad, Squirrel and Porcupine.
I love you guys.


barista brat said...

happy thanksgiving, skippymom!
your family is lucky to have you.

Marni said...

Happy turkey day!!! Enjoy it !

Gail said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yvo said...

:) That was wonderful to read. It brought tears to my eyes.