Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Turkey is in the House!

This is me and the youngest petting a very tame turkey before we went horseback riding [hence the oh-so-attractive headgear!] No, this is not the turkey mentioned in the story :D

I am so excited! The Greatest Holiday in all the land is a mere 5 days away. Squeeeeeee! Although I would love to be able to spend beaucoup dollars on a fresh heritage type turkey, alas we are going with our typical standby - the grocery store Tom. This will be my 22nd year of making Thanksgiving and I have always bought from our local grocer. Sometimes frozen, sometimes fresh and never Butterball [I think they are overrated, but just my opinion.] I have always had a nice, moist turkey with no complaints from the masses so I just stick to what I know and can afford.

Since this year I am making Thanksgiving twice - once on Thursday for our immediate family and then again for my in-laws on Saturday - we purchased our turkeys today. My most awesome husband found a 12 lb. turkey for $5.83! Can you believe it? If that isn't spectacular enough he also discovered fresh oysters [12 oz] for $7.99 - but they were $4.00 off! Yippppeeee!

This is, by far, my most favorite holiday and to be able to get such a deal on the two non-negotiable ingredients just makes it so much happier, don't you think? I can fudge mashed potatoes, rig up the yam casserole, homemake the rolls and suffer through homemade pie crusts [they would be awful, but they would at least look like pie crust], but I cannot and will not do Thanksgiving without a turkey [duh] or especially Grandma's oyster dressing. Besides, if I even attempted to stuff the bird with anything but the oyster dressing I would find myself sleeping on the front porch because that is where the lil' heathens would put me.

I can't stand the waiting. I don't think our youngest can either. She saw her Dad bring the turkey in the house this morning and was excited - "Oh Mom, you are making turkey today?" Her poor little face was so sad when I had to point out that um, no...that is for Thursday, honey. She knows the recipe and is capable of making the dressing, but thank goodness she hasn't learned to roast a turkey yet because she is just squirrely enough to cook it before the holiday. Hee.

One more thing - since this will be the first year in many years that I am only cooking for 4 [4! can you believe it? It is usually around 12 - but 4! Woot!] we have instituted a constest for Thanksgiving Day. A $20 gift card goes to the person that dresses the goofiest for dinner. Pretty inventive, right? I figured we aren't going to dress up, jeans just don't seem Thanksgiving-y enough and we all love a good, fun contest.

I will post pics [maybe] and let you all vote. Unless there is an obvious clear cut winner [like, say Pooldad in high heels and a boa?] I will let blogland pick the winner. :D

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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Yvo said...

Oh thank goodness, I knew I should have asked YOU... I was wondering when was too early to buy my bird! I feel better that you have bought yours as well :)