Friday, November 14, 2008

Equal Time

So you don't think I favor our youngest [from the previous posts] we do actually have another daughter - TA DA! Can those of you who remember her believe how much she has grown? She is taller than Momma at this point. Oh, and why did Momma pick this picture? Because this is how she goes fishing. No poles and nasty hooks for my girl. No siree. She is all about that ziploc bag and bait, baby. That is how she caught her fish [ahem, minnow?] Which, if you can't tell from the expression on her face, she is making friends with.
Hence why we refer to her as our very own Dr. Doolittle. Our future Veternarian

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Yvo said...

Wow, she's gotten so TALL!!! Even though she's not standing I can tell by her arms... if that makes sense. Woweee... she's going to get the same comments (that I found annoying) that I got... "You're tall enough to model!" Hehe