Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Okay, Let's Make this Fun...

Spot says HEY!
And she asks "Did you vote?"
Notice she is looking at YOU?
She is saying:
"You better vote.

So to make it a bit more interesting let's play -

Pick one of the following:

- Why did I delete my original blog?

- Who was my stalker? [Let's hope that stays past tense.]

- What has the past year been like for the SkippyFamily?

- Who is glad I finally posted a mug shot of myself? [weren't you all seriously wondering what I looked like?]

- Why does it say "I Make Soap"?

- Who is bored? [raise your hand!]

It will take me a while to get this up and running again as I did actually and completely delete my other blog [dedacted because Yvo is my bestest pal] and as you can tell it was probably due to a nasty little stalker. Now that we have that issue under control I thought I would come back to the blogger world and get back in touch with everyone.

There hasn't been a day that has gone by in the past year that I haven't said "Oh I need to blog about that!" or thought "Wow, I need to voice my opinion. Where's my blog?" Only to sigh and realize that, nope, no blog and no outlet.

I missed it.

I also missed all of my favorites. I will be doing my best to recreate my blogroll as it is so much easier to click from one's own blog to read your favorites then it is to type in the sites and surf from others [Hi Marni! I do this everyday!] Also I am getting tired of trying to remember how to spell "feisty" as in my pal Yvo's site who is awesome over at her two blogs. The link is to her restaurant reviews [do NOT go in there hungry, her pics are awesome - well except for the spinach - but you will be sorry if you read her blog on an empty stomach]. Check her profile for the bento boxes she creates. So delicious and inspiring!

Those lovely ladies are just a mere wisp of my total blogroll. If you come here and I don't have you listed just email me and I will make sure to add you. I also found a few new ones that make me laugh, think and feel creative. I cannot wait to share.

I will leave you with a quote, a tip and a picture for today:

QUOTE: "Love me when I least deserve it because that is when I most need it."

TIP: We only had two trick o' treaters. Hence I have 93 gazillion candy bars leftover. I chopped up 8 bite sized snickers bars and mixed them in a boxed, chocolate cake mix and made a bundt cake. Wow. That was good. Since you don't ice a bundt cake [we don't] the candy more than makes up for the missing calories ;)

The PICTURE posted up top - can anyone tell me how to post a picture somewhere else then at the top of a post? I either forgot or never had the ability. Yes, I know you know which one it is.

Cut this girl some slack, will you?

Yep. Skippy here and I am back.

Tomorrow: Recipe Wednesday and I will answer one of those questions posed above.


Yvo said...

Yay! You're back! I missed you lots!
A lot of things:
1- Was it the ex's wife? If it was some anonymous internet person, please remove the part in this post identifying your old blog, because they can Google find your new one if they search for you that way.
2- You make soap?! That's HOT! Can you make some that smells like tranquility? (I have a candle with that scent, kid you not!)
3- To make it easier to keep up with all of your blogs, you can sign up for Google reader! You already have a Google account since you're on Blogger, and once you're in Reader, just pop in your favorite blog's urls, they find the feed, and you just log on every day to Reader and it'll show all the latest updates to whatever sites you've added :) But be sure to click to my site anyway, I can use the hits ;)
4- Thanks for the tip about un-given-away candy bars, my sister had ONE trick or treater and could probably do something like that! You just mix it in per usual? Interesting!

Pooldad said...

Glad to have Skippy back! Keep the bloggers informed and entertained as always! Proud of you!

Marni said...

OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! You are back!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me soooo happy!