Saturday, November 29, 2008

What I Did [Or Didn't Do] On Thanksgiving

[Don't judge the wine selection people. The screw off is actually sparkling cider]

What I did:
- Opened two cans of corn
- Whisked the roux into the gravy to thicken it and added salt and pepper
- Drank mimosas
- Slept

What I didn't do:
- Any of the shopping. Not one iota.
- The turkey [Pooldad - and ooooooooh, it was so moist and good]
- The pies [Start to finish? Apple was done by the oldest & Pumpkin by the youngest. Num]
- The sweet potato casserole [The youngest]
- The corn casserole [The youngest]
[Okay there is a pattern here, so I am not going to list everything. Suffice it to say, I did not cook one thing. Nothing. Nada!]

I also didn't:
- Decorate [All three]
- Set the table [The girls]
- Clean up [Pooldad and the oldest]

This is what my lovely family did for me. After 22 years - I have had the first Thanksgiving ever, in my adult life, where I did not have to lift one finger. I simply had to sit, watch the parade, drink mimosas [side note: We simply do not drink these often enough. They are delicious. How great are they? - Orange juice and champange? It's a good thing.] And I gave recipe advice and slept [the mimosa effect :D]. How awesome is it to get a nap on Thanksgiving? Before dinner?

ALL the food was scrumptious. I swear it all tasted like I cooked it myself. I mean that as an extremely high compliment. Not because I am the world's best cook - it is just that I have been doing this for so long. I know what an undertaking this was for them.

Thank you Skippy family for giving me the best Thanksgiving day I have ever had.

I love you all.

I am still so impressed and teary that they would put forth such effort for me. I can feel the tears coming on again. Sigh.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.


Gail said...

What a wonderful really, really brag and they may do Christmas.

Yvo said...

That sounds simply amazing. And I genuinely couldn't think of a better thing to say than "It tasted as if I'd cooked it myself" because... well, personally, I now cook mostly just for me, so that means it's *exactly* to MY taste (which might be saltier or not salty enough for someone, or too seasoned, or too... etc.) :)
PS Don't judge wine - I don't judge wine at all, but one of my faves is a screw off top, and I assure you, it is GOOD stuff, not just taste-wise but it's not like a laughable wine, either :)