Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Next Time. . .

[I am Hermione, feel my wrath]
This one huffs around and says we don't do enough for her will you PLEASE remind her that I made fried rice for her bento box at 4:30 am in the morning?

Will you?

[She is a great kid, don't get me wrong. We could not ask for more. We attended her NHS inductions last night.]

Seriously though, cooking at 4:30 am? Uh......


Yvo said...

I don't know, was it BACON fried rice? ;) Hahah I AM JUST TEASING... or better... guanciale fried rice =X (Oh lord, please never waste that heaven in a piece'o'pork on fried rice! Hehehe)
Did you take a pic of the final bento product? I wanna see bento pics on this site - I'll feel like I've died and gone to heaven :)

PS More FeistyMom today!!!

Amy said...

I think that crazy woman and great mom are synonomous (I don't know if I just spelled that work right, or if it is word) but I think it is so cool (and a tad crazy) that you would get up that early to fix lunch for your daughter.

My husband came home tonight and said I needed to start packing his lunches. I love the bento box ideas. I am going to use it.

Hope you had a good night.