Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our First Bento Pictures

Okay, I admit, not as pretty as Yvo's [at feistybento], but well balanced I think! It is a little too green in the top picture, but we ran out of cherry tomatoes making our earlier bentos this week. The kids made their own and this is the youngest's. I think it is pretty neat and they love it.
Top bento: [clockwise] ranch dip, green pepper, cucumber and celery
Bottom bento: [clockwise] homemade chocolate chip cookies, dill pickles, potato rolls with peanut butter and mix nuts. In the middle is a little bear bottle with honey for the sandwiches and nuts.
We also ran out of grapes - so she will stash an applesauce in her bento bag. The older will be taking the same veggies in the top box, but will have fried rice [made by Mom!] in her bottom bento.]
Wish me luck on the fried rice.
Oh, and Yvo [feistyfoodie]...we seriously need to talk about your birthday - which I totally missed AND the date you were born. I do thank you, thank you, thank you for the Momma feisty post tho'. She is so great! [Heck, I want your whole family. Can I borrow them for my birthday next year?]

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Yvo said...

LOL I guess that's what I get for reading the posts via my reader one at a time, ignore the other one! YAY bento pics :) AWESOME and I love the way you arranged stuff, I'm so sloppy and helter skelter nowadays... :D
As for the FeistyMom post... I was just kidding, those posts were planned before you even asked for them, so I don't think that's fair, it's all good :) and you can borrow my family... I have more... lol