Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trixie Bird What's The Word?

This is our Trixie Bird.
According to her colors/plummage Miss Trixie may actually be a Mister, but we aren't quite sure. She answers just fine to "Trixie Bird" so it is all good.
She was a gift from the gang to me, except we all [me included] forgot just how allergic my doctor informed me I was to bird feathers and the deritus they kick up in their cages. She now resides in the youngest's bedroom, but she chats with me all day long. She is just up the stairs from where I normally am, and she will cheep, chirp and whistle to get my attention. She always chats when I go up to take a nap around 1 pm. It is her "have a nice nap" cheep I guess.
The neatest thing about Trixie is she is an avian alarm clock. Heaven forbid someone sleep past the 7 am hour in this home during the week. She starts her chripy talk to let someone [me!] know that we need to get a move on, because "you humans have to appreciate that breakfast is to be eaten and you understand peoples...there is not one, but two busses to be caught. Now get up!" She is so funny. She also understands the concept of the weekends. She will give a hesitant "cheep" or whistle at 7 am on a Saturday, but it ends quickly and she falls back to snooze. She knows that our real business is the five day week and not to be noisy on those days we get to sleep in. She is good that way. However the bird does not understand holidays. It took her a good two weeks to appreciate that summer vacation had started - now hush up bird we are sleeping here. Can't wait for that two week Christmas vacation coming up!
Some people are surprised to learn that cockatiels are known to talk, but of the two we have had neither has. It doesn't mean they don't mimic or try really hard. Our first cockatiel was a bit older than Trixie and she could mimic any whistle that we did after a bit of practice. She had my husband's "I am home" whistle down pat - to the point that we would mistake her whistle for him walking in the door. She was cheeky. [Her name was Grace-we miss her].
Trixie loves to mimic me calling her name and when I say "Trixie Bird what's the word?" she tootles it off. She doesn't so much say it as the cadence is there. They are interesting pets as they aren't quite as snuggly as dogs and cats, but they sure do have their own personality and give kisses and need attention just as much as our four legged friends.
This is posted because I love the picture my daughter took and hey, she is a great pet! I wish she could be by me all day as she is a hoot to talk to, but I cease to breath if I am around her too long. I do go in each day to visit with her and she has a whole routine she must complete when I go into the bedroom. It involves showing off all her toys [you can see them in the picture] and running the gauntlet of perches. It is the same all the time and really cute.
I thought you all might like to see her too.


Marni said...

She is adorable...

I dated a guy who's mom had some sort of parrot. She would make the sound of the phone ringing and it would fool us every single time.

And she HATED the guy I was dating... she was soooo smart... she recognized it before I did!

SkippyMom said...

I figure animals are a lot more intuitive then people sometimes. That makes me laugh! heehee

Yvo said...

If I'm reading that right, that means that parrot hated her owner's son! LOL! Too funny!
But back to Trixie, that is adorable! She sounds absolutely lovely; I had a canary once upon a time... (when I tell you what happened to her, don't laugh TOO hard... because it's funny for a second but when you really think about it, it's kind of horrifying) My dog ate him... I didn't find the carnage when I got home but apparently, feathers everywhere *shudder*

SkippyMom said...

Leave it to you two to make me laugh out loud. Jeesh...

Yvo I hate to tell you what our dog did to our gerbils when I was a little girl, but did you know that if a dog squeezes a gerbil hard enough,'s eyeballs do pop out? ick. heehee

traumatic at the time, but now? the canary! :D

Marni said...

Yvo, yep... you read that right. The parrot would screech and throw its wings up whenever the guy would get near the cage... funny... i would do that too...


too funny