Thursday, September 29, 2011

Truth is Thursday. . .

Another round of Truth is Thursday thanks to Miss Julianna over at "Surviving Boys."

Truth is. . . Jules got a new button for this.  Looky!

Truth is . . . I impressed myself that I got that link up and it works. Thanks J!

Truth is . . . I am worn out. Tired.  I can only manage to stay awake for a little over 4 hours and then I sleep for 5 or 6 more hours. This has been going on for a few weeks.  It is a weird schedule that I have to work to make sure I am awake for Wallene in the morning and for her when she comes home in the evening.

Truth is . . . I know I need to go to the doctor but don't feel like incurring another bill we can't pay. Or that we will be paying for years to come.

Truth is . . . I am not going to worry about it.  Sleep is good. I need it and have the advantage of being able to lay down when I want. It'is all good. And have I  mentioned I love my bed? : D And my couch?

Bad pic' of my bed
Love my bed!
Truth is . . . the High School planned an expensive trip to Chicago for the marching band and not enough people signed up.  So they cancelled Chicago and have rescheduled a trip to Philadelphia.

Truth is . . . I am not too  happy with the Philadelphia trip because the kids leave here at 4 am on a Saturday - have a world wind of activities on Saturday and Sunday [barely time to sleep] and return home Sunday night. Sigh.  Wallene will be tired for a week from that trip.

Truth is . . . our deposit for the first trip pays 2/3rds the total for the second. YAY!  [Guess we are letting her go?]

Truth is . . . Mystery Meat has to be one of the all time cheapest, easiest and [somehow] tastiest meals we have on occasion. It is sold as "Salisbury Steak" but it reminds me of elementary and high school cafeteria lunch. It may not be good, health wise, but once and a while it is such a tasty comfort food. We serve it with homemade mashed potatoes and steamed corn.

Truth is . . .  I really like Tuesdays.  It is the one day a week Wallene doesn't have band practice after school and she is home before dark.

Truth is . . .  Elliot left "Law & Order SVU" last season and the show isn't the same.  We miss Elliot. Now what do I watch?

Truth is . . . this has been really boring and rambly.  Sorry about that.

Hope you have a great Thursday Tadpoles.  See ya' on the flipside.


Julianna said...

Thanks for playing AND for using the button. :)

I used to love the "salsbury steak." Unfortunately, mystery meat uses alot of unknown fillers so being GF we can no longer eat it... not to mention the gravy.

At least she's going somewhere. Although the cub scouts sleepover I found out about last night sounds pretty cool, but it's only 2 miles away. No fancy trips for us... *sigh*

Jeannie said...

Salsbury Steak has always been a rare treat. My mother was inclined to buy "steakettes" which did not have the gravy - she'd cook it with a sauce she called "chili sauce" but it wasn't - had no chilis in it at all or any peppers for that matter and was a kind of fruit relish. I loved the stuff anyway. My hubby and kids never liked them so I haven't had them in years.

oh sigh. I am so hard done by.

SVU isn't quite the same is it? But I'm gonna give it a few weeks while everyone settles in and Benson stops grieving for him - that's a bit of a downer. CSI is on at the same time here. I almost watched that.

I love how neat and tidy your room appears. Even after tidying up last week, my room is still a wreck. There are just too many bits and pieces everywhere. I could probably fill a dresser with all the crappy stuff in this house. Stuff that you do need once in a blue moon and certainly do not want to buy again.
It would also be nice if I could stay one size (smaller than now of course) and get rid of the excess clothes.

I'm almost tempted to join up but I'd probably blab too many truths.

Rudee said...

Perhaps the fatigue is an easy fix. From a palliative point of view, sometimes stimulants are beneficial. I don't know what all is going on, but perhaps it's worth a visit to the doc.

sapphireblue said...

I admit, I love the mystery meat.

I'm sorry about the fatigue. I understand about not wanting another bill. I'm still paying on my hospital bill plus paying on a bill from last winter when Ben got bronchitis, and don't want to go to the doctor again until it's paid off.

I do love the blanket. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

My husband absolutely adores those frozen meals - if I am ever over at my Mom's house, those are his go to meals when I am not home to cook.

That and banquet fried chicken!

Hope you have a great day Skippy!

Thisisme. said...

Boring and rambly? SkippyMom?? Never!! Hee Hee! Your bed looks very inviting I must admit. I'm sorry that you are feeling so fatigued at the moment. It's such a horrible feeling. That is going to be a very tiring journey for Wallene, isn't it?! Take care - sending you a big hug from across the pond.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

truth is... this hasn't been a bad day at all. had a doctor's appt this morning and on the way into work found a huge garage sale. scored some wonderful deals for kaitlyn and baby anna. i was stoked.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Those expensive band trips are the worst. A few years ago, my daughter's high school band planned to trip to Rome. And not Rome Township. Rome, Italy. It's hard enough getting the kids to turn in their music, let alone get them to apply for a passport.

I love and miss Elliot, too. Remember when he played a bad guy on NYPD Blue? Have you tried The Killing? It's on AMC and is a great show.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Great truth is post.

Pearl said...

Salisbuary steak is my favorite, right up there with mac and cheese. Mmmm.

As for school trips, would you believe I never once went to a school where there was a trip?! I feel like I missed out...


Tony said...

So true about the school oldest is on the debate team, and has these constant weekend trips where he gets about 2 hours sleep a night and the coach always has some special expensive restaurant he wants to take the kids to, but of course not pay for...