Sunday, June 6, 2010

Washington Post Hunt 2010

Good Morning! It is the ungodly hour of 7:30 am - I can say that because I didn't fall into bed until 3:00 am - and I am sitting here trying to wake up. And I have no caffeine. Because I am a good little soldier and don't drink that anymore, do I? No Skippy, you don't - now make due with the ginger ale and shut up.

Yes. I am that tired.

Today the Squirrel leaves on a 4 day field trip to go mucking through the marshes and swamps of the Eastern Seaboard in search of biological specimans and to attend various classes on how to be a better scientist [biologist]. Exciting eh? I know, I know - but if it geeks her out who are we to judge? [I am kidding - we support her, honestly - but it is quite the juxtaposition to what the kid acts like most of the time - she is my "girlier-girl".]

Sooooo... I am awake. Two hours before she has to be dropped off because she is god awful noisy in the morning and woke me up. [And? here's hoping the Biology department remembered to order THEIR busses for today, right?]

Ah, but I have an awesome reason for why I didn't get to bed until 3:00 AM - Wallene, Pooldad and I were up 'till the wee hours of the morning tye dyeing t-shirts in anticipation of the 7th [8th?] annual Washington Post Hunt! It is a clue based hunt created by Gene Weingarten and Dave Barry that takes place in downtown DC - teams are given a clue, which then lead to another clue, which leads to another [etc.!] and each clue takes you to a different place in DC [all within walking distance of the starting point] and the winners receive $2000. Now we have no hope of winning ::Skippy "the Gimp" waving her hand:: but the fun in the Hunt is finding the clues and then figuring them out, all the while being in a beautiful part of DC for the afternoon. [Oh, and there hot dog vendors involved too. heehee]

And the t-shirts? Are awesome - we wanted "team" shirts so we went to Michael's and bought blue and yellow tye dye and red spray paint for the lettering. The front of the shirts say "Post Hunt 2010" and the back of each has our blog names on them [i.e. Skippy, Wallene and Pooldad] - really neat looking. But tye dyeing is serious biz and it took us about 5.5 hours to complete all the shirts. Did I mention they look awesome?

Back to the hot dog vendors ['cause I am all about the street food today tadpoles] - Pooldad knows all the best carts, having worked in DC for over 25 years and he has promised me one honest-to-goodness Nathan's hot dog with mustard and onions. Yipppeee! Bring on the salt lil' doggies 'cause I am craving me some yummy cart food. True story: One year for 4th of July I went on a date with a guy to DC. We spent the afternoon [before the fireworks] wandering all over DC making our way from hot dog cart to hot dog cart, eating, admiring the sights and [believe it or not] bumping into a lot of people I knew from my hometown in VA. We ate 10 hot dogs [each] that day. It is a very fond memory.

....okay, back to the topic at hand...

Now don't get me wrong - I am actually more excited by the Hunt than the food and the fact that when we are done with the game we will pop over to one of our favorite free museums to take a tour of great art work or some airplanes or something [You have to love DC and the Smithsonian Institution - free culture for everyone!] and then ride the Metro back home to suburbia.

Sounds like an all around pretty great day if ya' ask me.


RV Vagabonds said...

While wandering the hills of southern NY, we came across a roadside hot dog stand with the words "Sabretts Hot Dogs" emblazoned on the umbrella above. Figuring we'd try "local" foods, I asked what a sabrett-style hot dog was and the vendor looked at me like I was an idiot. Didn't realize Sabrett is a brand name albeit a very well known one in NY. Duh.

Rudee said...

Well this sounds awesome! Have fun at the hunt!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh how sweet the sound.....tie dye. I love to do that, love the unexpected. We want a picture Skippy do rah day....
And why in the world would you want to come to my camp when yours is filled with culture, hot dogs and the metro....??? Sounds like perfection to me. Have a marvie adventure...but we want pictures.
vert word (first good one in a while) epholide..Epholide I'm sorry sometimes the truth just won't come out. Good, right? Okay so a stretch but hey.

Amy said...

That sounds like so much fun - both the bug hunt and the Post Hunt. I would love to find something like that around here.

I'm with you on the sleep thing. Clara came to my bed at 3:15 and I couldn't fall asleep. I came down to the couch and have been in and out since then. I guess it comes with the whole "MOM" thing.

Have a wonderful day. Take a nap.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

too bad i'm reading backwards in the blog or i would have known what the "hunt" was.

so, did you eat a hotdog?