Friday, June 4, 2010

"My Mini Moment" Contest Sponsored by Dove Ice Cream

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dove Ice Cream. All opinions are 100% mine.

"My Mini Moment" Contest
DOVE Ice Cream asked me to blog about their new contest called "My Mini Moment". After reading about the particulars of the blog request I thought "Who needs a mini moment more than some of the tadpoles?"
We are all one or more of the following: a wife, a Mother, a sister, a daughter or an Aunt - and, as such, it seems we never quite have a moment for just ourselves, doesn't it? Dove did a survey and out of 400 woman they discovered that over 70% were taking "me time". I shook my head and said to Pooldad "Well they weren't surveying the women I am friends with." I read your blogs and empathize with what is going on in your lives and I know everyone would like more time to themselves - I know I would.
So, I read the requirements for entering the contest:
  • You must be a woman.
  • You need to submit a photo and a short essay describing your perfect mini moment.
  • The deadline is June 7, 2010.

I thought PERFECT - y'all are great writers and I have seen your wonderful photographs - so a short essay and a pic' of yourself? Easy Peasy by June 7th, right?

Well, when you get a moment. Hee.

To enter you can visit: Dove Ice Cream - My Mini Moment Contest

Three winners will win one of the following:

  • A mini getaway to Napa Valley
  • Spa services for a year
  • A mini home makeover

I know which I would chose for a few of you - but for me? The Spa services - oh! to be pampered for a year? That would be several mini moments for me.

I did go to the store and purchase a box of the minis and I have to say - for only 70 calories they are delicious. Then again I love anything Dove because their chocolate coating is always so decadent and these are the perfect snack after a meal or a little pick me up between meals. They are so rich tasting. Bonus! If you like coffee you will really enjoy their Cafe' Collection which includes Java Chip and Cappuccino - you know I only had one of those before the Squirrel and Pooldad arrived home don't you? Thank goodness Wallene is too young for coffee otherwise I wouldn't have had one.

We all have our own idea of what a mini escape would be so go ahead and enter - you might win some time to yourself.

Visit my sponsor: “My Mini Moment” contest

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Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

tried to enter. it didn't like my photo. dangit.