Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Conversations with Wallene

Listening to the radio Wallene heard a commercial for the "Most Beautiful Baby Contest".

"......enter today and your beautiful baby could win a $1,000.00 gift certificate. Just send a picture of your beautiful baby to....."

Wallene: "Oh Mom, did you hear that? We should enter Baby Storage in the contest. We even have a pic' of him on our fridge!"

[Baby Storage is a tadpole's 8 month old son - and yes he is incredibly cute! but.....]

Skippy: "Wallene you can't enter somebody else's kid."

Wallene: "Why not? Can't we ask Mr. Storage? Baby Storage would win, for sure."

Skippy: "I am sure he would but sweetie there is another problem even if Mr. Storage said yes."

Wallene: "What?"

Skippy: "They're Canadian."

Wallene: "Oh. Well do we know anyone else that has a cute baby?"

Skippy: "Not in my or Daddy's demographic."

Wallene: "What's your demographic?"

Skippy: "Past menopause."

Wallene: "What's menopause?"

Skippy: "Nevermind."


Michaela said...

OMG. I had the same question from Jerome, who is 11 and a half. I described it as 'reverse puberty'. He said he'd never heard of it, and it sounded like something I would make up (!!!!). o.k....

RV Vagabonds said...

Bwaawwckk, bwaawckk, bwaawckk. (That would be the sound of a chicken) Heh.

word vert: ceders. Wallene, ceders da birds and den ders da bees.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

OMG - that is too funny! Did you tell her we are getting a good laugh at her expense? poor thing.

ellen abbott said...

She'll find out soon enough.

Amy said...

Ellen is right, she will find out soon enough - and then wish she would have never asked.

Yum Yucky said...

hehe. i fear the menopausal hot flash

christopher said...

I think my new co-workers think I am a little weird because I started laughing out loud when I read this post.

And I felt more than a little fatherly pride that Wallene thinks my son is cute enough to enter a "Most Beautiful Baby Contest." :)

Mama Bean said...

Y'all are so sweet to consider little Bean for a contest :) Of course, we think he's cute, but we're biased! Always good to have confirmation from others lol :) I don't know how to explain menopause, even to myself!!