Thursday, June 10, 2010

One More...Just One More - And Oh! They Rescheduled

One more Marching Band banquet. One more hot dish to take for a potluck.**

Just one more and then we have a year off before they start up again with Wallene in 2112. A whole year off - I simply don't know what Pooldad and I are going to do with ourselves without Marching Band [and the banquets, trips, Friday nights, the competitions every weekend in the fall]. I guess we'll figure something out ;D

Drumroll - The "Midnight Madness Party" they forgot to order the busses for a week ago? They rescheduled it. For Wednesday night [6/16]. We haven't decided if Squirrel will be going - since she does have school on Thursday. What do you think?

**I have seen what these kids eat - basically they will eat anything - and I have seen some of the stuff parents have brought - basically anything - does a bag of Skittles really constitute a side dish? - so I was thinking of making up the most outrageous jello mold type salad I could find [something circa 1950s perhaps?] and see if anyone ate it. heehee. I know they would.

This last week is gearing up to be a whole lot of fun with Prom and Graduation - I think I will sleep a whole lot come June 21st! Hope y'all have a great weekend.


ellen abbott said...

I'm glad they rescheduled the outing for the kids. And enjoy your year off.

Linda in New Mexico said...

yeah, at least they get their field trip...sometimes stuff just works out.

RV Vagabonds said...

First of all, what are they thinking by rescheduling a trip like that mid-week? I know, I know, everything was booked up for the weekend. What the hey--it's one night.

Rudee said...

Skittles? Really? Someone did that?