Monday, June 14, 2010

....And They Went Bowling Too!

Prom was a rousing success! Squirrel said it was everything she always hoped it would be. That makes Mom and Dad very happy for her.

Here she is with her date. He is a good friend and a very nice young man. I thought it was so sweet when he called from the tuxedo shop and asked if he should match his tie to her gown. And her ribbon [on the corsage] matched too. And if you can't tell from the pic' - he is very tall. Taller than Pooldad. Yeah, that went over well. heehee

For dinner a group of 10 of them went to a local seafood restaurant - actually a very, very nice seafood restaurant and ate sushi. They were given their own private room and were treated super great by all the staff. I guess if you like sushi this is good - and it is very pretty, yes?

After Prom they went bowling. On the way to the alley they stopped at one of the girls' houses and picked up socks. Squirrel said she had very ecletric tastes in socks.

See? I think they are awesome. And to bowl in prom gowns? Priceless. Aren't they all so cute?

Hope y'all have a wonderful week.

I am off to plan the rest of the week. Graduation on Saturday! Woohoo!!!


Amy said...

She looked beautiful!

What a fun night. Have a fun week planning. xoxo

swiggett said...

I went bowling after my senior prom, too! Bowling shoes + pink princess dress = awesome!

mi said...

wow - she looks so beautiful and grown up!

and how fun all the girls looked in their prom gowns and bowling shoes!

Linda in New Mexico said...

She looks darling and happy. Winning combo in any parents book.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Wholesome and beautiful! You must be very proud of her. She is stunning in her gown!

RV Vagabonds said...

Everyone else said it first and best (me, I was traveling). Lovely, precious, adorable, fun. And so very young.

You and Pooldad should be popping buttons about now.

word vert; tossidi. When inna bowling alley you tossidi ball very carefully while wearing da long gown.