Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Entertainment - Skippy Style!

When it is too hot to play outside why not put a tent up in the living room and invite your friends over? Don't forget the dogs.
Or bake cupcakes - lotsa' cupcakes
[This was my third batch in two days]
Like the cupcake tree?
I found it at party city - I love it!
Or fall asleep in random places -
like here:
or here:
I couldn't decide who was more asleep - Wallene or Scooby.


Linda in New Mexico said...

great idea with the tent. if I let GK and Ry see this I'll be deep in it cuz we don't have any room to do that anymore....but maybe soon....mystery.
The kids have been taking "rests" in the afternoon when it is really has Oma, bless her old soul. i just love the photos of the dogs n Wallene snoozin'. Stay cool, thinkin' good thoughts for you, says the olde bagg
vert word resseans. I told the the kids no we couldn't watch Pixar Cars for the 37th time cuz we resseans it before

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

love the sleeping pictures! i see blackmail in your future. hehehe!

what a cute idea. good thing i don't have a tent, but amy does...hmmm might have to suggest to isaiah that he go "camping" in his living room. lol - revenge, ah sweet revenge.

TinaM said...

Great idea! the indoor camping and the cupcake tree :)

AND the Comcast hate group LOL!!!! I have so much trouble with them, that I would NEVER let them take over my phone! They call and offer me the deal at LEAST once EVERY month, but I don't care how much it is, I will NEVER switch. The only reason I have them for cable/internet is because I have no other choice...

SO Sorry to see you were in pain (and starving) your last post. I sure hope you feel good now!!!!

mi said...

love it!
what fun your house is!
someday i hope to be able to pay you a visit.

Rudee said...

Scooby is so darned cute!

RV Vagabonds said...

What a wonderful day when you adopted Scooby--he's a love. Great pictures.

Sorry you are in such pain yet again. Crappy lupus and CHF. Wish I could take you away from all that. Love ya.

word vert: disre. Disre turn of the swelling and pain stinks.