Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Best Prom Advice Ever Given

Squirrel came running down the stairs this afternoon [while preparing for her Senior prom] and was beside herself.

"Mom, Mom...." she exclaimed, "you are never gonna believe what Wallene just said to me!!!"

Thinking Wallene was goading her and said something goofy like "Your dress sucks" or "You picked THAT jewelry?" I was all ready to step in and intervene.

S0 I said:

"What exactly did your twelve year old sister say that has you in such a tizzy?"

I know, nice, eh? I am nothing if not caring in a crisis. :)

Squirrel looked at me and sighed before saying:

"Wallene told me that for Prom 'Abstinence is the key.' "



[Holy crap, really? Wallene said THAT?]

After I wiped my mouth off I simply coughed out "Well I guess that 'Health and Welfare' class has worked out well for Wallene, hasn't it?"

Many stompings of feets by Squirrel and a few fist bumps with Wallene later and tadpoles?

I am still laughing.


mi said...

i don't know what's funnier - what wallene said or the fact i thought the title of this post was "best PORN advice ever given"!

RV Vagabonds said...


work vert: inarcha. Skippy had a moment of inarcha while thinking of how to respond to the Squirrel.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

mi - i thought the same thing! guess i need to put my glasses on before i start reading.

skippy - nearly spewed coffee on my screen.

ellen abbott said...

trust the little sisters to come out with what no one else will say.

Amy said...

Too funny.

Thanks for waking me up. I needed that.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Make me the third who misread the title.
Wallene my dear...perhaps you and GK should form a duo and take it on the road. Funny girls.
This is an absolutely precious story.
vert word safrous. Safrous to say this will be one of stories that shall live on in infamy.

Rudee said...

Wallene is very wise.

TinaM said...

Your kids are great lol

Marni said...

BRILLIANT! I love that kid!