Monday, January 18, 2010

Yes, Yes, No, No, Yes

Lemon pepper salmon, green beans and baked potato with sour cream and butter pats

  • YES! - Above is my dinner from Friday evening. I admit it is not the best pic', but please cut me some slack. I received a mild complaint from a tadpole that I wasn't posting food pictures of all the goodies the family makes for me but it just seemed so silly to take pictures of food while IN BED. I mean - look at that pic' - those are my feet [under the quilt] whatev'. Then again? I know y'all are geeking on my snowmen salt & pepper shakers, aren't you? $1 - brand new - at the Goodwill store.
  • YES! - I have been craving a poppy seed bagel with salmon spread, onion and lettuce from the Chesapeake Bagel Bakery. It is what I always ordered growing up [ah, childhood memories] and although it is a local chain it isn't quite local enough for us to visit and pick up a quick nosh. And did you know that not one of our grocery stores sells the salmon spread? I was a bit crestfallen. I really want one of those bagels tadpoles. Guess what? WALLENE to the rescue! While I was napping yesterday she looked up a recipe for it online and used our leftover salmon from Friday night and whipped me up a fresh batch of salmon spread. Addictive? Much? Tastes even better then CBB's version. I am not kidding.
  • NO! - Look, I am sorry the Dallas Cowboys lost and are now out of the playoffs, but I am seriously getting tired of your little tantrums when your beloved team loses. It is getting old and I have been dreading Sundays this entire season. You are 99.9% of the time pretty mild and easy going, but heaven forbid they don't make it to the Super Bowl! We are tired of you yelling at us on Sunday nights when their record goes negative. Give this much attention and concern to the IRS and we can talk.
  • NO! - Son I am sorry you chose to quit your job but unfortunately I am not giving you the money that was saved for college to pay your bills. You just quit it yesterday and your February rent is paid, but in light of some of the fines/etc. you have incurred that Dad and I have had to give you money for we won't be dipping into the fund. No, you don't need a $7,000.00 used Lincoln Continental. Try a $3,000.00 used Honda [which will last longer] instead - You know - like we did when we were 19.
  • YES! - Pooldad was on call for the past two weekends. He wears his work cellphone for 16 hours a weekend and he is paid the handsome sum of $100 [sweet!] extra in his paycheck. [Double sweet - no one ever calls :)] The only problem is the bosses usually forget to pay him [small no!] - And yes they did forget on this paycheck. Again. But! They gave Pooldad a $100 giftcard to our local grocery store and I can use this to buy dinner for the next two weeks! Woohoo! [This is a definite yes because once the $100 goes on his paycheck they have to take out taxes and it works out to about $65 total.] So it is a true $100 I would've spent anyway. YAY!

And how was your week?

Oh, and do you think I have become food obsessed since I have been on bedrest? Hmmmm?


Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

Yes! I noticed your snowmen S&P first thing; too cute!

Yes! you have a fabulous daughter for making you the food you desire. Spoiled much? Yes!

No! the Jets fans aren't the only ones in a bad mood. I see that the CHARGERS also lost, Miss Chargers Fan.

No! You're not the only one who has a kid with growing pains. Join the club of parents with sons who make bad decisions, although ours were a decade or so ago. (Yes, I'm almost old enough to be your mother)

Yes! To coming out ahead with the gift card, to obviously feeling better from the flu and continuing to blog even though you're sick of being in bed.

Word verification is acarions as in "I'm lousy sick with the flu but I'll acarions regardless". Heh.

SkippyMom said...

For the record - I am A JETS FAN - unfortunately that now sucks too because my team is in the finals and his isn't. We don't talk about it.

And notice I didn't make it a YES? I am not stoopid.

SkippyMom said...

....and I am still laughing at your word vert. giggle. Nice one linda.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You have raised a fine daughter! She is definitely spoiling you and I love the snow couple!

ellen abbott said...

Still on bed rest? I thought you would be up by now. So with all they are cooking for you, maybe when you get back up and around they will keep it up?

Amy said...

1. Salmon Spread? Never heard of it. It must be and east coast thing.

2. I thought you were only on bed rest for a week? I hope you are feeling better soon. I can only imagine how crazy you must be going.

3. I second the Honda thing. They last forever. Steve and I got rid of our 97 accord and we want to kick ourselves for doing so. SO STUPID!!

Have a good night.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

That is quite the daughter you have there. The salmon spread sounds delish.

The Veteran Server said...

Lol!! This was an awesome post!! That looks like an awesome dinner! I soooo wish I lived closer to you, I could just happen to stop by at dinner time, Lol!! God bless!

Yvo Sin said...

And yay for your yes's, boo to your no's :)

Life in the mom lane said...

Can I adopt your daughter?
*the one who cooks that is ;)