Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Number One Question Not to Ask In Our House

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What's for Dinner?
We hate this question. We all love to cook, will all happily clean up but ask us to pick what is for dinner? Just don't. The only time this is a welcome question is when we have leftovers. Which is not often.
Today I was watching GMA and I saw a woman who planned a YEAR'S worth of meals for her family. Her method was simple - She went to the family and had them write down their favorite meals. She then planned 12 months worth of meals based on what they liked to eat. Instead of shopping every week based on sales she stocks up when the basics come on sale [stocking her pantry and freezer] and then cooks based on her menu.
We eat pretty healthy and have several favorite meals with common ingredients and I thought I could do this.
So I did.
Hey, get me off bedrest and stick me close to my printer and I am good to go! [I think the taxes inspired me. :)] I really missed the heck out of my printer when I was upstairs. The kids kept trying to bring it to me but I really had nowhere to put it.
Thus far I am through April without a repeat meal. I realized that we really do cook a lot of different stuff, don't we? But, admittedly, we are going to have to start repeating. With no worries...because not having Ghoulash for 3 months? It is a good thing.
Pooldad went shopping yesterday as we have an ice storm coming in so we are good to go until he returns from his Pool Symposium in Atlantic City on Wednesday and then we will start stocking up next week for the month ahead.
I don't know if anyone wants to try this - but I have to tell you - everyone is so thrilled that there are no decisions to be made in the future about "What's for dinner?" YAY!


Linda in New Mexico said...

Okay show off. You just did that because I have like 2 dozen things the meh meh's I have to feed at my house will eat. I'm telling ya Skippy, you're doing the flat Nerva dance. I'm so jealous..........shame on your name.
vert word, emity, yous used to be my fren but now yous my emity. Not really I love you baby cakes. (which you probably have on your list too)

Life in the mom lane said...

Skippy you are WAY too organized!!!

My favorite night on your schedule is the "Fend for yourself night"- as it is called @ my house- "you're on your own".

I've tried to do this in the past but invariably I don't have something or forget to defrost something etc... so I finally gave up! I found with working full time a menu like this actually began to stress me out more than make it easier for me, Kudos to you if you can actually follow it!

Yum Yucky said...

I suck at shopping and I suck at making dinner. All I want to do it eat the food.

This is a good idea, though.

SkippyMom said...

Linda in NM - you need to read the menu closer and notice that some nights the Porcupine is fed different then us because she doesn't like what we are having. LOL She doesn't like salmon and steak - so boo on her. :) What is a flat Nerva dance btw?

Barb - Fend for yourself night is my favorite! :D The kids like it too because they can eat cereal or Ramen and they are happy. I think because I am home [like the woman on GMA] it will be easier for me - and with the exception for grilled meats [Pooldad does that] the kids can cook anything on the list. I am sneaky like that ;)

Yum you can come to my house. I'll feed ya! Always.

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

Wow! A whole month without eating out or pizza--wow and double wow! I should try month.