Monday, January 25, 2010

And Where Have You Been All My Life?

Skippy has a new toy. Actually I received it a few months ago but today was the first time I used it.

A Cuisinart Food Processor and oh, tadpoles this is one sweet appliance.

I have beans and cornbread on the menu tonight and since all of my little choppers are either out of town or at school I was facing some pretty serious vegetable dicing to do. No worries. I like to stand and chop, chop, chop - I find it relaxing. But today? Not so much.

And then I spied it, sitting on the counter.

A quick perusal of the owners manual and within 5 minutes I had finely sliced a whole onion, a bunch of celery, 4 carrots and diced a couple of tomatoes. Awesome! Dumped all of that in with the presoaked beans [kidney & navy], a ham hock, some spices, water and viola!

Crockpot beans. With yummy, buttery cornbread. Nothing like it on a rainy Monday.

Additional bonus to this appliance is that the three pieces come apart easily and pop right into the dishwasher. WOOT! My kind of clean up.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey me too. We're appliance twins. Only I whined about getting mine and the family finally tired of the hystertionics and bought me one for Christmas. Don't ya just love it when temper tantrums work?

This bad boy slices Sweet Man and GK's fav Sat. morning home style potatoes so quickly that I don't even mind fixin' them now.

Hurrah for us.
vert word is dession...see dession the ones we wanted Skippy.

SkippyMom said...

Don't you love it Linda.

I didn't know I wanted one [and I am not much of a tantrum] but I saved up my points from my local grocery store and got it for free. Which was awesome.

The kids have used it for hashbrowns too - but we messed up last time we didn't squeeze all the water out of them and they didn't crisp. Very important step!

Life in the mom lane said...

I LOVE kitchen appliances/gadgets! I have one of those mini choppers and they are awesome too!! Especially if you are cooking for just yourself or you & hubby.
MMM cornbread sounds good too... might have to make some- haven't had any in forever!

Sally said...

Just wondering if I could come to your house for dinner? I love beans and cornbread. My Christmas presents was a Cuisinart Food Processor...and I LOVE IT! It works so well it is unbelieveable!

Rudee said...

It won't be long until you're making bread dough now. I love my cuisinart.

SkippyMom said...

Barb - oh the cornbread was amazing, fluffy and sweet. Mmmm

And yes Sally you are more than welcome for dinner - In fact this was the first time I made this and it made enough for THREE dinners so I froze two batches. :) I just made up the recipe and it is so delicious.

Rudee I love making bread dough but I make it in my stand mixer - how would you make it in a Food Processor with the blades?

Anonymous said...

We were given money for Christmas to purchase a food processor. Maybe I'll have to check out these amazing Cuisinart ones. Which model do you have? Anything about it you don't like?