Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spoot the Doot

Nicknames abound at Chez' Skippy and Spot, our double dapple piebald dachshund, is no exception. We call her Spoot the Doot, Creepy Eye [check out her left eye - it IS creepy], Eva Braun, Clueless [personal fav']. You get the idea. I always find it fascinating that you can call a dog anything besides their given name [including but not limited to names containing vulgarities - I mean, not like WE would do anything like that ] and as long as you say it sweetly they will come running to you. Why bother to even name them?

She is a good puppy. We have had her for 4 years and she is 4 years old. We got her as a puppy and although we have had dachshunds before we had never encountered this particular "mix" [piebald and dapple] - Turns out she is a weeeeee bit overbred? inbred? As such she has a few health problems that may cause her problems in the future. We had only had her one day when I noticed her back legs were weak. The Vet confirmed she was a bone deformity in each leg and although her legs would strengthen in time her back would always have a funny curve and we would have to watch out for her. No problem. When I called the gentleman I received her from I told him the Vet's concerns and he said "No problem. Bring her on back then." When I asked what he would do he replied "Aw hell, I'll just put her down. She ain't worth nothing now." Um. NO.

She is truly the last dog I will ever buy from a breeder. Pooldad and I have rescued a lot of dogs in our life together, but we lost our beloved dachshund Boomer and wanted another dachshund. We went the Dachshund rescue route - but the Rescue in our area is, well...not quite as honest as we needed them to be regarding the condition of the dogs. For example - one we adopted was a biter but they neglected to tell us when we had small children [Thanks! VADR!] so after three trials we just gave up.

Spot is a real sweetie, but as her breed is wont to do - she is a barker. She thinks she is going to protect us all from intruders. Bark!bark!bark!bark! I eat you! Bark! Most of the time it is endearing, but it sure does scare the crap out delivery people. :) We always pen her up when we are expecting something but it doesn't assuage their fear. Then when we open the door they hear the frantic barking [from Spot] and see the gentle giant [Scooby - who just wants to love them] and they freak out.

The funniest part about having these two is that Spot is definitely the alpha doggie. Poor Scooby. He just takes it [like when she decides to chew on him] and looks at me forlornly as if to say "Really Mamas? I has to puts up wit' dis?" But they are great pals and spend a lot time sleeping together.

If you can't tell - hasn't been a whole lot going on here in Skippyland - but since I found that cute pic' of Spot on my camera I thought a post would be fun.

Thanks again for all your kind wishes - I am finally off bedrest [YAY] but seems I picked up the flu in my travels [not bad, just bleech kind of flu] so I have been lazing around even more waiting for my throat to feel better. :)

Also thanks for the explanations about Comment Moderation. I now understand why and really appreciate it - I just wondered why I never got spammed, y'know? But I did take the post down because I didn't want a spammer to find it. But really thanks so much!

Have a great Wednesday! Hugs.


Life in the mom lane said...

Spot is a sweetheart! :) We had 2 dachshunds when I was growing up and the smaller of the two was a real piece of work- she had a major Napoleon complex - and even went after a doberman at one point.

Dogs are great- they love you unconditionally, never tell you you look bad, or have bad breath etc... and they are ALWAYS happy to see you- even if you have only been gone 5 minutes. My two yellow labs are my babies.

SkippyMom said...

Ah yes Barb - the dreaded Napolean complex - we know it well. They think they are big doggies in lil' bodies [actually I don't think they realize how small they are] It is hysterical. :)

And labs? The biggest, goofiest lovey dogs I have ever met. Those are dogs who just want to please.

Linda in New Mexico said...

No wonder you liked it when I can you Skippy do rah day. LOL
We have friends who obtained a double dapple bark machine. original for a german wiener dog huh? That dog was cute to look at half faced plain doxie face, other half spotted with a blue eye. She also was an ankle biter. Charmer, I tell you.
We have nicknames for everyone and everything at our house too. That's why currently and I mean just currently we call the dogs Fat Elvis and Coyote dog. The cat we just yell obscenities at and he knows he is loved.
But the bestest part of your post is that you are off bed rest. Yeah. Damn flu. Boo.
Take care, (((((hugs)))))
vert word....drous. Drous feelin' beta and I's glad.

SkippyMom said...

OMG Linda I think I just peed my pants - We just yell obsenities at the cat and she knows she is loved? bwahahaha...and Pooldad is beside me giggle like heck over Fat Elvis [we need pic' confirmation btw]

My word vert is, not kidding, "loundog" Which figures - my doggies live in Loudoun county. They be loundogs. ;)

Thanks for the laugh.

ellen abbott said...

Dogs are amazing creatures, are they not. So full of unconditional love.

Rudee said...

Yay! You're off bedrest. It's about time!

Your freaky eyed dog is adorable. I've probably told you before, but our dachsies were Heidi and Dagmar.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I fell in love when I saw her face! I have been known to call my Oscar some bad names, but I do love that dog! They bring so much love and joy and ask so little in return .... well, except for Oscar, he is very demanding. I love my little tyrant, though! Doxies' are the best!

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

You must've gotten the only "good" weiner dog in the world. ;)