Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a Bit Too Much

Maybe I am old. Or perhaps I am a bit squeamish, but honestly? What passes for acceptable on regular TV these days [NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX] is starting to make me wonder if I should even allow my kids to watch anything.

The Squirrel is a huge fan of the show "Law and Order SVU". She has a cute lil' crush on the Elliot character. I have always been fine with her watching it - most times we even watch it together. Tonight was an exception because she has so much Calculus homework.

Thank goodness. [Not that she had a lot of homework, but that she missed this episode.]

The final scene showed the errant father being allowed out of handcuffs to hug his daughter, who was now charged with the murder of said father's girlfriend, and as he embraces her she reaches behind herself, grabs a pair of scissors and STABS HIM right in the neck. [Guess she was a little miffed Daddy couldn't keep her out of jail? Hmm?]

Now - there are several ways they could've filmed this scene - I am sure the audience could've figured it out if they had simply alluded to it and then shown the father on the floor bleeding to death. But NO - This was a full on, watch the scissors fly, slam right into his neck and the gratuitous long shot of the father, stunned, for a good five, six seconds until he falls to the floor, scissors protruding, with the daughter screaming "You won't disappoint me again."


Final shot is of the father on the floor - absolutely covered in blood, dead. She obviously hit the jugular tadpoles.

I call foul. Really. This is prime time television and it really was an unnecessary scene - although I will admit it made for an interesting ending! - I just really didn't need to see THAT.

And I am really glad the Squirrel didn't.


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder doesn't it? I mean they leave nothing to the imagination anymore.

ellen abbott said...

This is why I don't watch TV.

Jeannie said...

I saw that episode a while back. Maybe it's because my kids are grown or maybe I've just grown callous but it didn't even phase me at all. hmmm

Rudee said...

Since I was busy Monday, I watched the episode of 24 that I had recorded. After that, I turned on SVU at the point they were arresting the dad. The ending was sort of predictable. What annoyed me was when someone pulled the scissors out. Everyone knows you leave them in so they can tamponade the wound. Duh. Law and Order, much like 24, jumps the shark in every episode.

pedalpower said...

I agree....they should have some kind of standards for what they put on stations that come in to everyone's home. That's not even on a premium channel...just plain old network TV. And sometimes what is on advertisements (for other programs usually) right during children's shows is just appalling.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

We don't watch TV when the grands are here. Just don't want to be a bad gramma! Everything is too graphic. If I am shocked, then the kids sure don't need to see it!