Saturday, January 23, 2010

Da' Face

I really should call it "Da' Head" - Scooby's head is huge! Check out his gorgeous amber eyes. I love that about Chessies.
I love this picture of Scooby. This was taken while I was on bedrest and although he isn't technically allowed in our bed...well Mama made an exception because he was missing me during the day. What you can't see from this picture is that the bed holds Scooby, Mama, Pooldad, Wallene and Spot [plus my little table with laptop]. It was cozy!
This is a typical evening at our home. The doggies seem to think that the loveseat is their [$600] dogbed and don't really care to share. So if one of the kids decides to sit/lay down the dogs will begrudgingly give an inch or two to allow the kids on the edge of the couch. Nice, huh?
I really adored that loveseat. It was the very first official piece of grown up furniture I ever bought. In fact my whole decorating scheme ended up based on it. But now? It is one big, slobbery, stained dog bed.
But who am I kidding? They love it and that is good enough for me.
Although I think I may have to learn upholstery. They have classes for that right?


Linda in New Mexico said...

I love da face. But I hafta tell ya. Size is relative, remember I have a Saint Bernard and Scooby is the size of our smaller dog. Fat Elvis' head sticks over the arm rest and she has to curl her "rest of the mass" in order to fit on her $600 leather dog bed so I'm just saying.....
When I had knee surgery, we still had my darling Murphy and Willow (alias fat Elvis). They wanted to be with me so badly but everyone, especially the physical therapist cautioned against having them in my room. Pashhhhhhhha. The dogs missed me and I missed them so they had visiting hours and SM would bring them to Momma. They would put their wee small heads on the bed and close their eyes and let me love them all the while clearing everything else in the room off tops of nightstands, chairs etc. with the wagging tails.
Your Scooby has the sweetest face. I love dogs, they love us so much.
I'm so glad you are downstairs and doing some better. Yeah.
vert word imacen....imacen a world without doggies.....sad very sad.

Life in the mom lane said...

Holy moley.. he IS BIG! You weren't kidding.. but he looks like a real snuggle bunny too :)

I LOVE dogs! They can make your frown :( turn upside down :)

SkippyMom said...

Yes Linda in NM, but I don't have a St. Bernard - I have a Cesapeake Bay Retriever who happens to be approximately 40 lbs over standard. So to us he is huge. So I would expect a breed that starts at 130 lbs [your Sts.] to be bigger than my Scoob who should max out at 60-70 lbs [breed standard] but happens to weigh 110 lbs.

And his head does weigh a ton.

So I agree size is relative.

Joni said...

The best kind of love comes from two and pets! How adorable!

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Cute, cute, cute, cuddly dogs!!!!!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Makes me just want to grab his big head and kiss it!!